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The internet and Scooby Doo loves them some Nazi Zombies. Good thing for them, Dead Snow is around to fit the bill! Long talked about in fan circles online, this zombie nosh is finally getting a full on release stateside.

Some may call Katherine Bigelow's Near Dark is a classic and I'd tend to agree with them. Most horror fans worth their salt probably already have the stellar DVD release from a few years back. If you were planning on upgrading this title to Blu-ray, which I would have to think would make a pretty killer transfer, now's your chance to increase your library.

Fay's a small town girl hellbent on a cross country road trip, trying to escape the death of her father. As her muscle car breaks down, so does her adventure as she encounters numerous weirdos in the middle of the desert. Devil Girl sounds like it's ripe for a Rob Zombie remake already, complete with drug abusing clowns!

Ex-cons, beat-up apartments, domestic abuse and curses. All tie together in 2008's The Echo as we watch Max try and do the right thing when he finds a bad situation, only to find his own situation quickly becoming much much worse.

The wealthy Coltrane family are forced to move in with Uncle Darryl. All seems well until Darryl's foster child comes home and things start to get weird. Hurt sounds like they need somebody to spruce up their plot descriptions a bit.

Lila's a little nuts, so Andrew figures a trip to Hob's Ferry would be a good way to calm her nerves. Too bad there's a bloodthirsty clown haunting the woods that's not just part of Lila's imagination. Intruder; further evidence in favor of the "screw clowns" movement.

Summer has decided to hit the road to find her daddy. When she gets busted by the police for some random traffic misdemeanor, a local handyman helps her get out of her bind. This complete stranger offers to let Summer spend the night with his family, eat dinner and all that good stuff to which Summer isn't suspicious of whatsoever. In Summers Moon, things obviously don't go well during the sleep over, or this would be a romantic comedy.

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