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We hit "Orphan" with both barrels back in Episode 83 of the BGH Podcast. While opinions were mixed some, including myself, thought this was a pretty good flick for what it was. If nothing else, you owe yourself a rental just so you can make up your own mind.

We horror fans as a whole, have been clamoring for a release of Night of the Creeps for years now, and finally we've won. This is a glorious day, folks. Regardless of the crappy cover art they chose for the Blu-ray disk, if you haven't seen this, you must.

The Stan Helsing marketing train has been rolling full steam in teh last few weeks. We've been inundated with stills, clips and all sorts of stuff. Now, we finally get to decide for ourselves. Color me cautiously hopeful.

A group of teens have a party to celebrate the death of a local axe murderer. You know how those kind of parties usually turn out. Blood Night stars Danielle Harris in a movie without "Halloween" in its name, so there's that.

Breaking Nikki; hookers and serial killers are never a good mix, especially when the serial killer is hiring for somebody to play the role of his ex-wife.

I would like to think there was something lost in the translation when they slapped the title of Evil Face on this Italian horror flick. The original "La mano che nutre la morte " sounds much more fitting for a Klaus Kinski flick.

Generally, seeing Lamberto Bava in the chair for a zombie movie is something to get excited about. Then you read that Graveyard Disturbance was a made for TV movie and it gets a bit less exciting. I'd have to imagine that there isn't much Bava Euro-sleaze in a TV movie.

"Trick 'r Treat" has upped the ante for anthology movies, so here's hoping Late Fee can live up to the high standards. It does in fact give me shivers though; I'm notorious for forgetting to take my movies back to Blockbuster.

For the next stop in our tour of international horror, we arrive in France with Night of Death. I don't know about you, but nursing homes are already scary as it is. Seems like a fitting place for a horror movie!

You all realize we're just moments away from a Swine Flu disaster movie, right? Pandemic may just be the vanguard of that 'plague' folks. See what I did there? If nothing else, at least this movie has Ray Wise who is normally pretty fun to watch.

Tales From the Darkside already has a loyal following, with good reason. This season 2 DVD set should be an easy decision for you fans of horror TV out there.

The Asphyx is one of those movies that fascinated me in my youth, simply by the cover art alone. I've yet to see it to this day, but it always sat there tempting on the video store shelf with that creepy skull on the cover, leading me to believe it might have just been too scary for me. I can't deny I'm a bit excited about this one!

There could be some confusion over this Blu-ray release of The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue; it has also been released on DVD as "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie". Whichever name you go by, this is a pretty nifty Italian zombie flick with hippies, manson style cults and the living dead. How could you go wrong with that lineup?

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