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J. J. Abrams made a bit of a splash with his latest weirdo series Fringe and with good cause. The second season starts up on September 17th, so now is a good time to give yourself a refresher course before diving in!

Harper's Island met with pretty mixed reviews. If you're like me and waited for the entire run to be done to knock it out in one shot, here's your chance!

Who doesn't love Creepshow? Joining the ever expanding back catalog of horror on Blu-ray, this classic is a must own. There's not any real extra's to speak of but the picture is said to be better than the original DVD. Not necessarily a candidate for a swap over the DVD, but if you don't already have it it's a good buy!

Say what you will about Freddy Vs. Jason, here's another worthy of the blu-ray back catalog treatment! Again, the picture quality is marginal at best and there are little to no extra's. At $10 though, if you don't have it, why not?

Every party needs a pooper. In Greetings, that pooper is Cathy! Not enjoying her party, her friends break out a Ouija board and invite murder and chaos in for a nightcap to liven things up!

I reviewed Hell House: The Book of Samiel a while back. There's worse movies out there but unless low budget horror's your thing, I wouldn't worry about this release too much.

In Live Animals a group of college students decide to borrow from Eli Roth and face off against a white slave trader ring! What kind of sacrifices will they make to escape?

Despite popular belief, Night of the Dribbler is not a movie based on me sleeping. Instead, it's a low budget horror comedy about a crappy college team who's players are knocked off one by one by a man wearing a basketball on his head! How could you go wrong here?

Rise of the Gargoyles is pretty much what you think it would be about. Gargoyles, rising! The movie stars Eric Balfour of "Buffy" fame and is yet another Syfy Channel original!

A documentary film crew crashes on a deserted island and head off in search of an elusive Jaguar said to inhabit the region! Uncharted sounds like an even lower budget take on a well known cannibal classic, don't ya think?

There's not much to be said about the Universal Horror Classic Movie Archive set, except that you get five lesser known horror flicks from the masters at Universal! Included in the set are "Black Cat", "Man Made Monster", "Horror Island", "Night Monster", and "Captive Wild Woman", all for the tasty price of fifteen dollars!

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