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Malachi and pals are back and of course they wouldn't forget He Who Walks Behind the Rows! Children of the Corn, the original of course, hits Blu-ray this week. For features you get commentary from director Fritz Kiersch, Malachai and Isaac. You get "Harvesting the Horror: The Children of the Corn" feature cast interviews and the like. Plus a whole bunch of features exclusive to this release. A classic for sure, worth the price of admission if you don't own already. Of course, it's still about a bunch of Amish kids.

Further giving New Jersey a bad name, Abduction takes place in the rural small town of Process New Jersey. You've never heard of it, it's not on the map. It's got a lot of nifty little shops though. They also run a brisk internet trade in stolen human organs! Can the town keep a secret when a Brazilian hip hop star goes missing and her posse comes looking for her?

"Based on real events." In Boot Camp, Mila Kunis and a group of troubled teens get sent to a work camp in Fiji. When they get there, they find that the camp staffers are abusive and want to brain wash them! "Abusive and "Brain Washing" can also be translated as "shape up and act like a responsible adult, shit head". That's a loose translation though.

For some reason they DVD says "Dreams of the Dead", but IMDb knows this little 'erotic ghost story' as The Haunting of Danbury House. Regardless, nothing gets this nerds engines revved up like a ghost! Aubrey's inherited a family house and she decides it would be an ideal place to take her all girl band to record, despite her fathers warning of it being haunted by horny ghosts.

Frayed; a small town sheriff thinks he has it made in the shade. That is, until his homicidal maniac son escapes the looney bin. So of course people die, dad tries to save his son and not let his secrets get spread around town.

For a mere $15, Gorehouse Greats nets you 11 grisly flicks for pretty cheap. Sure, they're not blockbusters, but I'll bet you'll enjoy at least a couple of them! Includes such hits as "Blood of Dracula's Castle", "The Saved Hitler's Brain", "Prime Evil", "Trip With Teacher" and more.

An oriental professor gets tied up in a waking S&M dream in Morocco. It may just be me, but Gradiva sounds like "Hellraiser" for the French set!

Charlie's a murderer, but he's got a tender heart. Fresh out of prison, he heads home to the apartment he killed in, only to be come obsessed with the girl he murdered all over again. At least in My Sweet Killer, it sounds like he keeps to himself. You know, instead of obsessing outside some new woman's window.

Onechanbara. Do I really need to tell you what this about? Look at the cover. Look at it. Cowgirl with a samurai sword killing zombies. Uh...I'll be right back.

Jesse and his girlfriend get ambushed alongside the highway by a vicious cult. Having stolen away the girl Jesse vows, or makes a Promise, that he'll get her back. "Promise" stars Tiffany Shepis which is a plus!

Sick Girl made the festival circuit back in 2007, those of you at Horror Hound Weekend that year may have seen it. Most of our colleagues that did see it thought it was a little too out there, the story of a young girl with dead parents, trying to fill their roll for her younger sibling and her older brother at war in Iraq.

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