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The Mutant Chronicles has been in a holding pattern for a good year now, but finally it is hitting the video store in both Blu-ray and DVD flavors. Starring Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, John Malkovich and a whole host of other notable genre vets, the movie has had tons of buzz but bad luck getting released. Our own Louis Fowler gave it a 9 out of 10 so mark this dark little scifi flick as a worthy of checking out.

The name was taken again in 1997 for a similar setup, but this edition of Campfire Tales is the 1991 anthology flick starring the likes of Gunnar Hansen. A group of teens harassed by a grizzled hobo telling spooky tales sets up the four horror shorts that make up the movie.

Stephen comes home to find his wife has killed herself in the bathtub. Days later, he heads back to work to be given a patient who has tried to kill herself in the same manner as his wife. As the plot unfolds, so does Nina's taste for blood! Cravings was originally released as "Daddy's Girl" in 2006 and stars "Donkey Punch" alum Jaime Winstone

A Thai detective kills himself. No, not because he was sad, to enter the realm of the dead and become a Opapatika! (For you laymen out there, that means 'super powered demon fighter'.) Banding together with a gang of other Oparika's... Opapa... demon warriors, they setup off to kill a gang of demon baddies!

This little nugget of Grindhouse goodness from Sub Rosa has two features; Psycho Santa and Satan Claus. Nothing like a little Christmas in August huh? I don't know the plots for either of these movies but if I had to guess, I'd say it had something to do with Santa not being too overly jolly!

A pair of paranormal investigators team up with a woman to help her solve her sister's ghostly murder. Starring Debbie Rochon, Fearmakers is a new Timo Rose joint.

Losing her arm in a thug attack that took her brothers life, young Ami is taken in by kindly garage workers who decide to help her out.... By mounting a machine gun on her arm. We've all heard of the Japanese gore fest The Machine Girl. Now we get a Region 1 release of "The Machine Girl Remix", meaning more blood and guts! (And more school girl uniforms!) (I hope.)

Jim Caviezel stars in Nature's Grave. A couple takes off to go camping with friends. One friend decides to get careless with his gun and shoot some trees. Trees don't like to be shot, not at all. The happy campers then spend an entire weekend defending themselves from nature.

Music agent Bernie Stein, his scientist nephew Frankie, and a drugged out roadie named Iggy team to create a superstar by putting together the remains of dead rockers. All goes to plan until Iggy steals the private parts of Liberace instead of Jim Morrison for the creature! If Rock and Roll Frankenstein doesn't sound like a classic, I don't know what does.

Slices is an homage to the old fashioned anthology flick. Containing five horror shorts, it should be a good solution to those with short attention sp...

Peter Benchley's The Beast is a 1996 sea monster movie starring CSI's William Peterson. Available for quite awhile now on DVD, this week's release marks the films arrival to Blu-ray.

There are no less that 10 movies on IMDb with the name Trapped, but this version is the 1982 William Fruet classic. A group of college kids head off to the woods and inadvertently witness a redneck killing his wife. Smart enough to know that witnesses are bad, a long weekend of cat and mouse chicanery evolves as the redneck tries to lay his fears to rest.

Zombie Apocalypse. There are zombies, it's the end of the world. Join along as we watch three college students try and fight for their survival. Also known as "HOLY SHIT MORE ZOMBIES XXVII Pt. 2".

I reviewed Alien Uprising back in June and needless to say, I wasn't too impressed. If you're brave though or have a thing for low budget alien warfare? This may be right up your alley!

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