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Here's two things I love; Troma Studios and Bigfoot! Get the two combined together in Bob Gray's "Bigfoot"? Hey, why not! While your first expectation out of such a team up would be crazy amounts of blood and guts, you might be disappointed. It's not quite as gory as one would hope.

In this little 70's nugget of exploitation film history, a clan of British twenty somethings roam the country side and kidnap various bums and hippies. When their victims refuse to play along in their little role playing game, they get ritualistically murdered!

An 18th century grave robber spills the beans on how he got his start in this quirky little horror-com. Starring the likes of Dominic Monaghan, Ron Perlman, Angus Scrimm, Larry Fessenden and more, this looks to be a pretty entertaining little joint!

Being a film director is a hard thing to live up to. When David Hess of "Last House on the Left" fame starts to crack under studio pressure, he finds some inventive ways to make his special effects look realistic as possible. Also starring porn star Sasha Gray, Michael Berryman and few other recognizable genre faces, "Smash Cut" proves to be a good bit of genre fun.

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