Dollhouse 1.1 "Ghost"

All right Cats and Kittens! I am super excited to bring you the inaugural Dollhouse post!

Before I launch into my thoughts, feelings and favorite ice cream, I want to get a little back story out of the way. Dollhouse is basically chronicling an agency that provides specially programmed individuals for a myriad of tasks. They subsequently erase their memories.

That is where the series premiere begins. As I am not the mayor of spoilertown, I don't plan on going into a play by play of this episode. I will say it is character driven and plows along with very few speed bumps, save Dushku's portrayal of main character Echo whilst not 'active'. By 'active' I mean not imprinted with a persona. The problem is she plays this 'blank' person as mildly retarded. It was awkward. That leads us to the million dollar question, can Eliza Dushku carry this show? I'm not convinced she can. I've seen examples from both ends of the spectrum. I hope Whedon can pull the performance necessary to sell this character. In this episode, for the most part, he did. The whole thing hinges on this Dushku being able to turn into different people. Only time will tell.

Not that I would expect any less, but the writing was fabulous. The story moved along quickly and none of the setup came across clunky or forced. Hey, I'm sold. I think it goes without saying that I wasn't going to be a hard sell though. My predisposition aside, I truly believe this is an accessible show. Whedon is a master of building these massive and complex characters and plots. This is no different. Allusions to what may be to come are everywhere. The idea that this character is teetering on the edge of realizing she isn't who she thinks she is is interesting.

If you hated Buffy, no worries, Dollhouse trades in demons for sexy outfits. It's easily likened to Dark Angel. Well, at least Alba's roll. But we all ready knew Whedon loves to dress Dushku up. Let's just hope his infatuation isn't the downfall of what could turn out to be a great series.

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