"Red Riding Hood's" Amanda Seyfried and grandmother

Depending on how you look at these things, "Twilight" was either the best or the worst thing to ever happend to director Catherine Hardwicke. On the one hand, it's "Twilight," pretty much synonymous with printing money at this point.

It would be difficult to get your career off to a better start than M. Night Shyamalan. Out of the gate, first film, universally beloved, Oscar nomination, chicks galore (presumably). The slide that the film maker has taken since would have been unparalleled in the world before Tiger Woods. 2010 though, offered Shyamalan a chance to answer his critics on two fronts: he was set to helm a major fantasy epic of someone else's creation, and he was stepping away from the director's chair to allow others to develop one of his seemingly endless ideas.