With episode 11 of the fifth season, we're really moving into home-stretch territory, which is typically when things start to really crank up. We got the beginnings of that here...

Episode: "Whatever Happened, Happened"

Episode: "He's Our You"

Hi everybody. Your regularly scheduled tour guide Schnaars is off attending a fancy advance screening of “A Haunting in Connecticut”, munching on lobster-flavored popcorn no doubt, so I'll be filling tonight for all your “Lost” related blogging needs.

After several episodes where the twists were coming fast and furious, here we find newly established storylines charging full-steam ahead.

Episode: "Namaste"

I can only count on one hand how many times I had anxiety, while watching a television show, reading a book/comic or watching a film, and I am quite the fantasy media whore. When it came to the end of the "Lord of The Rings" or the "Matrix" Trilogies, I would turn to whoever was watching the final installments with me, and say "I really don't want to see the rest of this." I had grown so attached to the characters, that I would become a nervous wreck, anticipating their possible deaths. 'Battlestar' has reached that point, but in this case, the anxiety might be too much to bear.

Last night, I went on Twitter while 'Heroes' was on, because I was bored out of my gord (P.S. my Twitter name is AnchorPete and I need more followers). Anyway, while on Twitter, I found a link to a live discussion taking place on the Ifanboy website, where a dozen or so members were commenting on every thing that went down on 'Heroes'. Reading the discussion, I had to do a double take. They were actually loving 'Heroes'!

What the hell?

This week's episode, "Islanded in a Sea of Stars" was actually hurt by the prior week's coming attractions. The highlight of the episode, which was also the most shocking moment, happened right before the beginning credits rolled. By the time 56 crew members were sucked through a breach in the hull, into the cold vacuum of space, last week's preview made the entire disaster old news. It never fails though, seeing a human or Cylon floating dead in space is quite the disturbing image.