Happy 70th Birthday H.R. Giger!

Kurt Russel poses as "Stuntman Mike" in this promotional still for Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof", one half of 2007's "Grindhouse". "Legion", in theaters tomorrow, is directed by Scott Stewart, whose resume boasts uncredited effects work on the double feature. "Legion" is Stewart's directorial debut, which hits US theaters tomorrow. Synopsis after the jump.

Tentatively riding the line between guilty pleasure and solid thriller, 1997's "The Devil's Advocate" stars Keanu Reeves as a southern lawyer with a heart of gold who must stand strong in the wake of being offered an eternity of life's dark pleasures. In the shot above, the Devil (played by the deliciously hammy Al Pacino), reveals his grand vision to rule the world. Also featuring a very nude performance from Charlize Theron, and Keanu Reeves sporting a magically disappearing southern accent. Director Taylor Hackford was nominated for an Oscar 5 years later for directing the Ray Charles bio-pic "Ray". To see another Hackford-directed thriller, check out 1995's "Dolores Claiborne".

Marina de Van's 2002 French body-horror masterpiece "In My Skin" deals with a woman who tries to claim dominion over her own body after a freak accident leaves her scarred. de Van wrote, directed and starred in the story of a woman who strives for control by habitually biting, tearing and cutting away her own flesh. Despite appearances, the director insists that she was not making a film about self-mutilation as a practice nor was the gender of her protagonist chosen to convey any social commentary.

"Ricky" (Shiloh Fernandez) stares down the abyss in this still from 2008's "Deadgirl". In the film, a group of adolescent males find a zombie girl tied up in an abandoned insane asylum, and quickly let their baser desires take over.

Nunsploitation is not where you would think to go when looking for reflection on the plight of women through history. 1974's "Flavia the Heretic", directed by Gianfranco Mingozzi, is full-up with exploitative imagery including one truly offensive horse castration. What you might not expect is that it is also laden with ideas about the institutional control and ritualized savagery directed at women in medieval societies; much of it spawned and promoted by organized religion. The above image is part of a sequence where sister Flavia's convent is opened to the members of the Tarantula cult, whose influence transforms the nunnery into a sodomite circus.

Directed by veteran porn guru Paul Norman, the 1995 Clint Howard horror opus "Ice Cream Man" ranks as one of my all-time favorites, though my enjoyment of the picture has absolutely nothing to do with quality.

Aaron Eckhart butches it up in Jonathan Liebesman's "Battle: Los Angeles", currently set for a February 2011 release. The film centers on a marine platoon which is charged with taking on an alien invasion in Los Angeles, and also stars Michelle Rodriguez and Bridget Moynahan.

Today's the day folks, when the 2009 British horror comedy "Lesbian Vampire Killers" gets released on DVD in the US. If you have to ask what the film is about, your powers of deduction are seriously compromised.

Concept art of a "Necromorph" from EA's upcoming "Dead Space 2" for the XBOX 360 and PS3. The survival horror sequel is currently set for a March 31st, 2010 release date.