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Horror Headlines: Thursday October 29th, 2009

The Syfy Channel has ordered up 13 episodes of the BBC hit series "Being Human". The show revolves around a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf living together as roomates.

Brad Dourif joins Vivica Fox in a new cannibalistic serial rapist thriller called "Junk Yard Dog".

"Evil Dead" is coming to theaters. Read that again. "Evil Dead" is coming back to theaters! That's right, the original movie, not a remake, is being brought back for a midnight run at select theaters across the country.

Joe Dante and Roger Corman team up for a new series available only on Netflix streaming called "Splatter". The included clip at the link looks cheese-tastic, so check it out. And uh... you know, I heard about this cool place to get Netflix if you wanted to give it a watch...

In Real People News: 

A New Jersey man uses the 'I'm a fatass' defense to dodge murder charges. At 5'8" and 285 lbs, he claims there's just no way he could have pulled it off.

Jailers in a Northern Indiana lockup face charge for forgetting a man in his cell for 12 hours. Being from Northern Indiana myself, I'm really not surprised.

Five Filipino transvestites face charges of drugging men and robbing them blind. Chances are, if they fell for the transvestites, they were already drugged.

On this day in history: 

1390 – First trial for witchcraft in Paris leading to the death of three people.

Roger Corman and Netflix Launch New "Splatter" Webseries

If you were looking for another reason to sign up for Netflix other then helping Schnaars keep up with his faberge egg collection now you have one. Netflix recently announced that it would be collaborating with horror legend Roger Corman on a three part web series that is scheduled to go live just in time for Halloween.

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