horror hound weekend

Learn the disturbing secret we discovered about Andy...

BGH joins forces with NOTLP for one hell of a weekend!

Catch part two of the festivities!

It's the Horror Hound Weekend 2011 combine-o-cast!

Over the weekend of March 26th through March 28th, we here at Bloody Good Horror attended Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis, IN. It's an annual pilgrimage for the podcast crew and this year, we added the company of some of the staff writers to the mayhem as well!

Bloody Good Horror and Night of the Living Podcast join forces!

Another HorrorHound Weekend is behind us my friends and this one will go down in the history books. This year Bloody Good Horror had its largest showing to date at the weekend long convention in Indianapolis with almost the entire team being in attendance.

There were plenty of celebrities at the 2009 March Horrorhound Weekend.

So by now we've all heard the news about Mr. Corey Haim passing away this morning. An autopsy will be done but I think we've all pretty much figuring it's got something to do with a drug overdose.

So, it took me a while (my deepest apologies, folks) but I've finally managed to sit down and hammer my way through the video from Horror Hound Weekend at the end of March.