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Horror Comic Releases for 3/18/09!

Welcome to the recently rebooted Comics Creepshow! Now on every Wednesday - which for all you non fanboys is New Comic Book day - I will give you a rundown of three or four of the biggest horror comic releases just hitting the stands. From time to time I'll also be talking about some trade news, and whatever titles I happen to be reading. This week is the perfect week to change format, since quite a few high quality books are coming out. Let’s get to it:

GROOM LAKE : (Issue One) Written by Chris Ryall ; Art By Ben Temple smith ; Published by IDW Publishing

Comics Creepshow 30: After Watchmen?

I am going to tweak a phrase that has been completely overused recently:

Who will be watching the “Watchmen”?

The promotions department at DC Comics is hoping that you will be, along with millions of other sometime comic book fans. They are also hoping that once you are done with Zack Snyder’s panel for panel adaptation, you will get the impulse to visit your LCS (Local Comic Store in geek speak) and pick up a few of DC’s other high brow comics. To coincide with the film debut of “Watchmen”, DC is putting together a promotional event - AFTER WATCHMEN, WHAT’S NEXT?

Comics Creepshow 29: The Roberts

THE ROBERTS story is only two issues, but at only two dollars more than a regular comic, and more than double the regular comic size, there really is no excuse not to go to your local shop and pick up this book. Issue one is told from the perspective of Robert Kenneth Sprunger, The Boston Strangler. Those of you who are serial killer experts might say this is impossible, since the real life Boston Strangler was incarcerated and then murdered in prison. Well, according to Robert Kenneth Sprunger’s narration, the cops got the wrong guy.

Comics Creepshow 28: Randall Flagg

With Comics, just as in any other medium, there are single stories that seem so well developed that you would believe the writer spent months, if not years, crafting the tale. Comic book writer/Novelist, Neil Gaiman is the perfect example of a writer who has produced a few of these types of stories throughout his career (and for you Batman fans- please, please, please pick up BATMAN # 686, which I consider to be one of the best Batman stories ever told!) Alan Moore also fits into this category. You might have read a story he wrote in the 80’s. I believe it was called WATCHMEN.

Comics Creepshow 27: NYC Comic Con 2009

As per every year at the New York Comiccon, featured at the Jacob Javits Center, many people were practicing the art of cosplay- the art of dressing up and acting like your favorite fictional character (just check out Christine’s newest blog for evidence). There was an excellent Cobra Commander walking around, as well as at least four versions of Snake Eyes to give him a karate chop. Besides that, there were a few people sporting trench coats and masks decorated with rorshack paintings, in honor of the upcoming ‘Watchmen; movie.

Comics Creepshow 25: Impaler

This weekend ‘Underworld: Rise of The Lycans’ comes out. If you are like me, the idea of vampires involved in massive sword slashing battles sets off sparks in your imagination, but based on the quality of the first two ‘Underworld’ films, ‘Lycans’ will most likely leave you wishing you had never sunk your teeth into the movie, in the first place. There is an alternative, however, if you are looking for a nice mesh of sword fighting and gruesome vampire action- William Harms’ IMPALER, from Top Cow Productions, Inc.

Comics Creepshow 24: Lock & Key Head Game

The creative team behind the Comics Creepshow winner for BEST HORROR COMIC OF 2008 has returned, turning their LOCKE & KEY story into a franchise. Making LOCKE & KEY into an ongoing series of mini-series was a logical decision, considering that the original mini-series was both a critical and financial success and that the last issue left off on a tremendous cliffhanger. I am happy to say, that writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez have kept the overall story going strong, without having to back track at all.

Comics Creepshow 23: Asylum Press


When searching through reviews online for images to use in this week’s column, that adjective stood out. Demented is the perfect word to describe the many comics put out by Asylum Press. And, there are many comics brandishing the Asylum Press banner, which is intriguing, considering that Asylum is an independent publisher, and that from the books I have read, the majority of their titles are written by only two men- Frank Forte and Robert Steven Rhine.

Comics Creepshow 22: City of Dust #3

Happy New You to all you horror comics fans! Though 2008 saw the birth of Comics Creepshow, I can’t say that the year was filled with ground-breaking horror comics. All the evidence needed to back that statement up can be found in last week’s column. Out of the hundreds of comics featuring vampires, zombies, serial killers, or any other type of terror-causing creature, there were only 5 that I considered extremely high in quality, and one of them (THE WALKING DEAD) is a book that has been around for five years.

Comics Creepshow 21: Best Comics of 2008

Christmas and Hanuka over, and if you want to know what the song is playing in the back of your head, its ‘The Final Countdown’ by 80’s super group Europe, rocking out for the final moments of 2008. On every web page you can pull up there are top 5 and top 10 lists for events of 2008. I know which one you consider the most important, and it is a good thing you came here. Here is your list of the top 5 horror comics that came out in 2008:


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