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FRINGE 1.06 "The Cure"


At the end of this episode, when Olivia confronts Broyles, she brings up the fact that he called her emotional and implied that it was her character flaw. This seemed to be the theme of tonight’s episode, focusing more on personal drama, as opposed to Fringe Science.


Tonight’s episode started off with a bang. I was never very impressed with the main villain of Season 2, Adam Munroe. The way that he was defeated was very anti-climatic, as well. Well, if you didn’t catch tonight’s episode, I am bringing you a spoiler- filled bit of bad news- Adam was killed. Arthur Petrelli, the main villain for Season 3, has a rather viscous power. He is able to remove a Heroes power completely and keep it for himself. In the beginning of this episode, Arthur absorbs Adam’s healing ability.

Fringe 1.05 "Power Hungry"


Heroes 3.05

For those of you who were thinking about abandoning this show, I hope tonight's episode was a good enough reason to stick around. All of the action took place in the present day, which makes things so much easier to follow. For those of you who need a recap, here is what happened in tonight's episode, entitled "Angels and Monsters" :

My Top 10 TV Show Box Sets

We all know that if we need recommendations for a good horror movie, or any kind of movie in general, this site is a good place to look. Also, almost all the writers here review individual shows currently on Television, but what about DVD box sets? Currently, I have finished off every box set I have ever added to my Netflix queue, and unfortunately, my addiction to quality TV is still running strong. Here is a list of a few gems leaning on the fantasy side that I have caught up with over the years. Feel free to add some of your own. I need to build up my queue.


Hello Heroes fans,

I say "Heroes fans" and not "people who are interested in getting into Heroes", because at this point in the show, it would be virtually impossible for non-fans to watch a brand new episode and to know what the hell is going on. You are here, either because you just watched the last episode "I Am Become Death", or you have watched Season 1 and or Season 2 of the show, and you are wondering- does the 'Heroes' train still has the steam to push it along? My quick answer- Kinda.

Heart Shaped Box

So, I just recently read "Heart Shaped Box" by Joe Hill, and I must say that I am still reeling from the experience. In case you don't know, Joe Hill is Stephen King's son, and it was with much apprehension that I picked up this book. As somewhat of a lukewarm Stephen King fan, I was worried that Joe Hill's book would provide the same sort of slow moving, late to excite plot that I often find King's books to have. However, I was greatly (and thankfully) mistaken. This book was phenomenal.

Sam Witwer is the man

I haven't gotten around to buying or Renting 'The Force Unleashed', but there are videos of all the cut scenes from the game on Youtube. Thanks to them, I am now obsessed. I went out and bought the graphic novel based on the game. If any of you are Star Wars fans, you need to check that out.

Looking at scenes from the game, I realized I know who the actor is that they based the main character, Starkiller, on. It is Sam Witwer, and after doing a little research, I realized he has pretty much been involved in every bit of fantasy/horror that I have been into recently.

Top Ten Terrifying Cinema Characters not in Horror movies

On the podcast, a few of the guys have mentioned scary characters not found in horror movies. I wanted to add my two cents. Here is a list I put together with a few of my coworkers, of characters that scared us when we were kids, and a few that creep us out today......

10) Large Marge from 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure'--- "Tell them Large Marge Sent you!" -- The famous words of the demonic truck driver still send a shiver down my spine, well over a decade later.

Who is Anchor Pete?

Hello BGH Fans,

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