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Wii-Only "Dead Space: Extraction" Announced

Followers of the site know that I've drooled extensively over "Dead Space" for XBOX360 when it was released this past fall. Although slightly derivative of the most popular 1st and 3rd person shooters, it was an extremely tight experience that was off the charts on atmosphere. There are very few details on exactly what sort of game "Extraction" is going to be, but it still looks to still be quite intense:

"God of War III" is Epic on Steroids

The thesaurus isn't giving me any workable synonyms for 'epic,' and thank god, because I can't think of a single word that defines the newest "God of War III (PS3)" trailer better :

"The People Vs. George Lucas" Trailer

Although Eric caught an inordinate amount of shit about his opinions on the "Friday the 13th" comments last week, it's safe to say that it could be worse. That is to say, he could be George Lucas.

New "MadWorld" Gameplay Footage is Bloody Bliss

When you think of the Wii, you probably don't think of violence, gore, and foul language. In what I find to be an amazing twist of irony, SEGA is aiming to subvert the Wii's kiddie image with "MadWorld," a hyper-stylized ultraviolent beat em up that allows you to nunchuck and Wii-mote wiggle your way to what appears to be quite satisfying ends. This is the first actual gameplay trailer that I've seen, and there is definitely something very special going on here:

"Left 4 Dead" Casual Encounters hit Craigslist

As if the "Left 4 Dead" Valentines weren't nerdy and amusing enough for me, some endeavoring individual has gone through the trouble of filling the San Fransisco Bay Area Craigslist with not 1, not 5, but 11 "Left 4 Dead" themed casual encounter postings (still active as of 9:10 EST).

Mark Vs. Eric, Street Fighter Style

As one of a minority among my friends that's actually excited for the long awaited "Street Fighter IV," I squealed with glee when I learned about this wacky viral feature on the official site called 'My Fist Your Face.' Basically, it's like any Jib-Jab type site where you choose a photo of yourself and it maps you onto something, in this case, in-game clips from SFIV. In what I am hoping foreshadows our epic drunken rematch at this year's Horror Hound Weekend my E-Honda takes on Eric's Abel.

Tom Waits is One Spooky Bastard

I'm admittedly not nearly as familiar with Tom Waits as I'd like to be, but someone passed this video along to me and I absolutely had to share it. It's a (poorly transferred) live set from some undetermined time, and the songs are "16 Shells From a Thirty-Ought-Six," "Cemetary Polka," and "In the Neighborhood," respectively. The booming percussion coupled with Wait's trademark gravely voice gave me more chills than most movies I've seen in the past five years.

"Left 4 Dead" DLC Update

Thanks to a handy little update on GameTrailers TV, we now know a little bit more about the downloadable content coming to "Left 4 Dead" this spring.

Namco Drops "Splatterhouse" Publisher

Things have been pretty bumping in the horror game world these days. "Left 4 Dead" is huge, "Resident Evil 5" is on the horizon, and "Dead Rising (Wii)" and "Dead Rising 2" are on the way. Although there hasn't been a ton of chatter about the upcoming next-gen version of "Splatterhouse," I've been quietly excited about the premise, more so than the screens and video that I saw. After a period off the radar, "Splatterhouse" is back in the news, but not in a good way.

"Dead Rising 2" is Officially Announced

Although the Wii version of the killing-zombies-in-a-mall classic "Dead Rising" hasn't even hit shelves yet, the years of rumors are now finally validated. Several reputable gaming sites are passing along this mini press release that contains some of the juicy details:

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