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Concert review--Green Jelly

Do you remember back in history class when we learned that on July 4th, 1776, King George III wrote in his diary “Nothing of importance happened on this day?” Whether that’s true or just a legend, that’s my reaction to seeing Green Jelly.

Concert Review - Alice Cooper

With an appropriate amount of fanfare and a surprising run on tickets, one of the true fathers of metal breezed into my town this past weekend. So, balcony seat in hand, I attended the Alice Cooper show.

The Nuclear Edge--Emergency Update

Okay, so just the other day, I posted (and I'm sure you've seen here or somewhere by now,) that the Guns n' Roses album "Chinese Democracy" will be released November 23rd. Yes, it's been delayed for a baker's dozen years. Yes, we all made the joke about there being a democracy in China before there being a "Chinese Democracy." No, I don't know who could possibly be listed as band members in the liner notes. At this point, there's a slim but fair chance that you and I could be in there.

AC/DC--Black Ice review

(quick note: Yeah, AC/DC's not technically metal. Still, they're one of my favorite bands dating back many years, and so many metal acts draw from them that I couldn't help but review this album.)

Hesitant? No, I don’t believe it. That’s just one of a long list of words that I never thought I would ascribe to an AC/DC album. It’s just plain impossible. I immediately went to my CD rack and grabbed three albums that I figured would help me narrow my focus, convince me that what I was thinking couldn’t be true.

Concert Review--GWAR

For the seventh time, I walked into a venue with the intent of seeing GWAR. Given the opportunities, I would likely do so another seven times. For those of you who've seen GWAR, you probably know what I'm talking about. GWAR may never attain the status of "single best concert I've seen," and while the show is always changing, the basics remain the same. Still, I have never seen another performance quite like GWAR, and I don't know that I ever will. I never tire of it. No one, again for emphasis, no one, puts on a stage show with the same kind of flair that GWAR exhibits.

The Nuclear Edge, 10/11/08

Afternoon, all. Most often, you've seen me post various reviews here, but every once in a while, I like to just get some thoughts down, or bring you some news I've come across. To that end, I've decided to title those entries "The Nuclear Edge," for reasons probably clear only to me. Moving on.

A couple stray things:

Concert Review--Buckethead

Knowing that what I was walking into could turn out to be anything, and having no serious expectation for what "anything" might be, I grabbed my Buckethead ticket and was off to the venue.

The opening act for Buckethead was a musician named Mike Silverman, more commonly referred to as "That 1 Guy." I entered the din just as his act was beginning. One of my Agents In The Field had alerted me to the performance of That 1 Guy, telling me in vague detail that his act could be worth paying attention to. That said, I entered, found a place to stand comfortably, and watched.

The Cursed--Room Full of Sinners review

To recap, I would almost never review an album that's been out over a year. Still, three people have come to me in the last week, telling me that they're still listening to this album heavily after six months. So I figured I might as well try to get it out there to some more people.

Seriously? New Yngwie Cover Art

Hey there, sorry it's been a few days, I have excuses but I won't bore you all with them.

Have you seen the new Yngwie Malmsteen album cover? Seriously, does he think it's still 1986? Here I thought the cover for "Trilogy" was bad. This album comes out in October, and I almost refuse to review it on principle. That, and you and I both know exactly what it sounds like. Honestly, though. Also, rumor has it Ripper Owens is the frontman for the upcoming tour. Nice to see the man working, but that doesn't make me think anything good or bad about the tour.

Nice to be aboard and have an outlet...

Good evening, good evening, please find your seats and hold all applause until the end of the performance.

First off, a hearty thank you to BGH for having me aboard and letting me stain their otherwise praise-worthy portal with my incoherent ramblings.

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