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Concert Review: GWAR 2009

I realize that everything I am about to say sounds like unabashed nonsense. It probably is. Bear with me.

So, self-described undisputed kings of splatter-metal GWAR had come to the conclusion that being addicted to crack and living endlessly at the behest of manager Sleazy P. Martini was no life for a god. So, procuring a Scumdog spaceship, they played their last on Earth and headed to their old stomping ground in the stars.

Album Review: "Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love and Hate" by Puddle of Mud

First off, a confession. When Puddle of Mudd burst onto the scene in 2001, my first thought as a good nerd was that they were making a reference to the Star Trek character Harry Mudd. Turned out not to be the case. I immediately thought less of the band. They’ve done little to

Album Review - "Prior to the Fire" by Priestess

I first became aware of Priestess on a scorching hot July night in 2005, when they were opening for Rob Zombie before "Lay Down" had ever been released. They were fresh, loud metal with a lot of promising rock influences. Since then, the band has put rubber to road with a steady stream of tours and marketing to try and gain attention. From high end video game exposure to touring with Clutch and GWAR, Priestess is treading the long road to mainstream recognition.

The Almost's Favorite Monsters

Fresh from the release of their latest album "Monster Monster," Dusty Redmon from the Almost took a minute to talk about his ten favorite monsters, movie or otherwise. Absolute bonus points for bringing up an iconic moment in "Monster Squad." Take it away, Dusty!

Five Finger Death Punch Talks Horror

Welcome aboard to a whole new thing I'm starting here at BGH. With grateful assistance from a cast of thousands (or like, a dozen, but whatever,) we're reaching out to heavy metal bands, and allowing them their chance to talk about their favorite horror films, now and forever. We know we love horror. And we know you love horror. But it's time to let the metalheads have their say about the horror they love. They did it just for us, which means you'll only see it HERE, at Bloody Good Horror. My appreciation goes out to the donor of today's list, and every list after.

Heavy Metal News Updates!

- For those who haven't heard, some very concerning news in heavy metal last week, as it was confirmed that Ronnie James Dio has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. No solid word on a prognosis, but the disease was thankfully caught in its early stages. Also, only Dio (or his wife) could release a statement containing the words "slay" and "dragon" and be taken seriously.

Them Crooked Vultures - Album Review

The eponymous album released to much fanfare by Them Crooked Vultures does not rewrite the encyclopedia of rock and roll. It was never meant to. The album is an exhibition of the base elements of rock, blended with a style unique to the performers involved. There are a lot of reviewers and music oriented persons who are listening to Them Crooked Vultures expecting the next evolutionary step of head-banger rock.

The Product - "Break the Silence" Review

The Product is an independent band trying to make themselves distinct from the cacophony of endless digestible post-punk influenced rock. It’s a difficult road to walk on, and a long path of hard work lay ahead of them. Still their EP “Break the Silence” shows glimmers of promise toward becoming something more than generic radio filler.

Five Finger Death Punch - "War is the Answer" Review

The first and most important thing about Five Finger Death Punch's album "War is the Answer" is that it is steadfastly honest. There is no dense allegory, no convoluted metaphor, nothing that makes the listener strain to understand the album's intent. This is pure, unadulterated American heavy metal, with no sidebars, no apologies and no layers. This is the album's most redeemable quality and its strongest cornerstone.

Metallica - Concert Review

It's not every day you get to see a legend. Metallica is a singularly polarizing force among the metal community, but their name is ubiquitous. They are synonymous with metal. Their legacy precedes them, and they can and have played everywhere in the world. Metallica had come to my hometown. I had to be there. I bought tickets for this concert seven months ago, on a blustery and bitter April morning. That's the kind of atmosphere Metallica brings to the table.

Ecstasy of Gold (intro)
That Was Just Your Life
The End of the Line
Ride the Lightning
The Memory Remains

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