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Cronenberg Getting the IFC Treatment

I've made no secret of my love for director David Cronenberg. He's one of only a handful of directors to whom I have given a lifetime pass: if he made it, I'll watch it. (A corollary of that rule being that if he acts in it, as he did with "Nightbreed," I'll watch that too.)

Lost 5.5: "This Place Is Death"

I finally caught up on last week's episode, "The Little Prince," and part of me got a little nervous. It felt a lot like they were rushing through some plotlines and not really moving on others. Not bad per se, but not up to par with the previous couple of episodes. Luckily, things got back on track this week.

Episode: "This Place Is Death"

New Book "Hater" Gets Genre-tastic Viral Campaign

The series of tubes has been percolating recently with the pending release of a new apocalyptic novel that has taken an nontraditional path to store shelves. British author David Moody took to the internet when he was ready to publish his latest novel, "Hater," and just let it all hang out.

Box Office Special - Records Keep Rolling

Hollywood continued an impressive opening to 2009 this past weekend with another record total for this, the 6th weekend of the year. With a lineup that most will have forgotten in six months time, it seems that overall quality does matter all that much as folks are turning out to see new releases each week.

Lost 5.3: "Jughead"

Where'd that name come from? How about the Mark 17 nuke, the first hydrogen bomb mass-produced by the U.S. Read on to find out what an A-bomb has to do with the Lost crew.

Episode: "Jughead"

LAT: "Horror Sells," Again

There's an interesting article over at the L.A. Times today from writer Gina McIntyre. It's titled Studios Know: "Horror Sells," and in the piece McIntyre examines the resurgence of horror that is taking place in 2009.

Box Office Special - Horror Continues Strong Run

For the third straight weekend there's been a new horror themed release, and for the third straight weekend genre fans have shown up. Most of the box office headlines have been about the continued success of a certain portly mall law enforcement official.

Oscar Nominations Announced... Yawn

The nominations are out, and they are... boring. Sorry, hate to be that guy, but looking down the list of this year's nominees there's not a whole lot to really get excited about.

Lost 5.1 and 5.2: "Because You Left" and "The Lie"

Welcome to the official Bloody Good Horror Lost recap blog. What's that you say, everyone and their mother writes a Lost recap? Well guess what, this one is going to be EXTREME. So saddle up.

Box Office Special - RealD's Horror Debut

This past weekend — which established a new January record — Kevin James was the big winner. But in reality, we were all losers. Now, I could make some obvious joke at this juncture like, "Open a window, America just blarted," but why prolong our collective pain. Instead, I want to move onto the big story this weekend: "My Bloody Valentine's" Real-D premiere.

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