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Lost 5.12: "Dead is Dead"

A mediocre Kate episode is followed up by a doozy of a Ben episode. Time to run it back.

Episode: "Dead is Dead"

Box Office Special - April's Furiously Fast Start

Somewhere a Universal film executive is having a very good weekend. "Fast & Furious," a movie so high concept that it demanded to be made four times, just set a new record for an April release. Not only that, but it's $72 million bests the previous April high - set by "Anger Management" in 2003 - by $30 million. "Furious" had plenty of breathing room in the top spot, but a second strong showing by "Monsters vs.

Lost 5.11: "Whatever Happened, Happened"

With episode 11 of the fifth season, we're really moving into home-stretch territory, which is typically when things start to really crank up. We got the beginnings of that here...

Episode: "Whatever Happened, Happened"

Box Office Special - Monsters vs. Aliens vs. Hauntings

In what may be a landmark first, the top three films at this past weekend's box office were all (at least marginally) genre themed releases. Leading the way in what was an extremely strong weekend overall was "Monsters vs. Aliens," a 3-D tribute to creature features past as well as a big budget animated kids film. It was also the largest opening of the year thus far, beating out "Watchmen" by roughly 10%, with a total of $59 million. "M vs.

Box Office Special - The Knowing's the Thing

Though the folks behind "Disaster Movie" apparently didn't get the memo, the genre has been in decline for sometime. The last legitimate success, "The Day After Tomorrow," came five years ago, opened at #2, and only really entered the win column with a very strong overseas showing.

Lost 5.9: "Namaste"

After several episodes where the twists were coming fast and furious, here we find newly established storylines charging full-steam ahead.

Episode: "Namaste"

Box Office Special: Stopping By The "Last House"

The box office cooled off a bit this week, which shouldn't come as a surprise. The "Watchmen" build-up had reached almost intolerable levels going into last weekend, and movie goers and industry types all probably just needed a weekend off from feeding at the trough of hype. There were a trio of new releases though, including the "Last House on the Left" remake, which became the sixth horror release of 2009.

Lost 5.8: "LaFleur"

For my money, "Lost" has officially gone two for its last two. After a strong episode last week, there was potential for a let down. But they came right back with it, and some things got really interesting.

Episode: "LaFleur"

Lost 5.7: "The Life and Death..."

There's a war coming, John, and if you're not back on the Island, then the wrong side is going to win.


Thus began a pretty wild episode. Let's jump in, shall we?

Episode: "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

Lost 5.6: "316"

Well, that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it was going to. After only six episodes, the survivors look to be largely reunited. The narrative continues to barrel ahead this season, so much so that there's less to time to dig into any one element. What's clear is that the creators have a lot of story they still want to get out.

Episode: "316"

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