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Trailer: Action Packed Horror Flick "The Horde"

The clip you can view below is a UK exclusive trailer for the upcoming zombie action adventure superpower flick "The Horde". What that means is the clip was made for the UK audiences so in honor of that I'll now speak in the Brit's native language. You American's can go ahead and ignore the rest of the post, you won't understand it anyway.

Video: "REC 2" Teaches Us What to Do "In Case Of A Zombie Emergency"

In honer of the Spanish film "[Rec 2]" coming out on DVD and the original "[Rec]" hitting Blu-ray the good people behind the film have composed a witty little PSA called "In Case Of A Zombie Emergency". The clip teaches you everything you'd ever need to know when the zombie outbreak comes. And it's coming folks, you mark my words!

Bonus points to the markers putting this video in English for ignorant pricks like me. I appreciate it. Check out the clip below!

"Troll 2" Coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on October 5th

"Troll 2" came out almost twenty years ago and in honor of this a special edition Blu-Ray version of the film is being released. Every time I think about this I automatically ask myself one question, "why god?". I then immediately think about how excited I am to be able to add this awful masterpiece to my collection. Yes the movie is terrible and no there's no way that watching it on Blu-Ray, in all its hi-def glory is going to change any of that. But what can you do.

On The Next Podcast: "Piranha 3D"

This weekend "Piranha 3D" helps to kick off the long line of theatrical releases we'll be watching over the next two months. And what a way to start it off. With promises of laughable CGI, ridiculous amounts of blood and more nudity than you can shake a stick at, who isn't excited about this? The Russians that's who, they hate everything that's fun.

Video: "The Last Exorcism" Viral Campaign Will Ruin Your Alone Time

Yes the people behind "The Last Exorcism" are a few months behind on the whole Chatroulette thing but this is still pretty entertaining. Take a gander at the video below and you'll find a few clips of guys who thought they were going to see some boobies and instead got some creepy eye rolling back action. Now snippets are pretty funny but I would love the see the clips that couldn't be shown. How many guys actually started going to town before they realized this was fake? I need to know these things! In any case think twice before you start abusing your body in front of a perfect stranger.

Trailer: Wes Craven's New Slasher Flick "My Soul to Take"

Wes Craven is serving up some bread and butter with his new slasher flick "My Soul to Take" and today we've got a look at the first trailer. The film's plot revolves around a serial killer who returns home to take out his vengeance on 7 teenagers who were born on the same day he supposedly died. Doesn't sound scary? Well watch the trailer, the killer looks like Rob Zombie's dirty older brother. Good luck sleeping tonight.

"My Soul to Take" hits theaters on October 8th and of course will be in full blown 3D like every other film coming out this year.

Trailer: New "Night of the Demons" is Chock Full of Blood and Boobs

I'm pretty sure 75% of the new "Night of the Demons" trailer has already made it's way to the internet but I'm 100% sure the parts with the boobs being ripped off and crap is all new. Those are the kinds of things that usually stick in ones head for a while. I'm sorry if I ruined the surprise for you. How about to make it a big surprise, you watch the trailer at work and the real surprise can be when your IT department comes over and has you fired. That's my clever way of saying the new trailer isn't really safe for work.

Video: Daniel Tosh Explains "The Human Centipede (First Sequence)"

We all love the "haha" around here and comedian Daniel Tosh is bringing it raw dog style with a 25 minute explanation of "The Human Centipede (First Sequence)" which you can view below. Tosh pretty much explains the entire movie so if you haven't seen it you might want to skip this but you're missing out my friends. His explanation is pretty much dead on and really freakin funny so if you have seen it or have no desire to see it you should give a watch. Bonus points for him creating my new favorite game: "You pick B".

Trailer: Guillermo del Toro's "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"

It's spooky time kids! Even thought "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" doesn't hit theaters until 2011 we've got our first look at it today. I went to the studio and ripped it from Guillermo del Toro's butcher fingers myself. I then went home and spent all night trying to figure out how to digitize it so it could be sitting on your keyboard television today. You're welcome.

The film revolves around a young girl who goes to live with her father and his new lover. As soon as she gets there she finds all kinds of spooky creatures running around and scary times ensue. It looks to be a real hoot!

Trailer: New Red Band Trailer For "Machete"

If you know me then you know I adore red band trailers and all their violent, nude glory. But if you know that about me you also know I hate when red band trailers don't show any blood or nudity, it's kind of like fibbing to God. Luckily for us the new "Machete" trailer delivers on both. At least I think it does, I skimmed it quickly at work hoping not to be fired. 99% sure I saw a nipple.

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