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The Razzies Give Horror Films Some Love, Sort Of

With the Academy Awards coming up this Sunday the people of the world have set their eyes on Hollywood. Unfortunately horror has been snubbed again this year, but luckily The Razzies have picked up the slack for us fans. The annual award show, which honors the year’s worst movies, has given out a number of nominations to horror films. Most notably “The Happening” picked up nominations for worst picture, worst director, worst screenplay and its star Mark Wahlberg has been honored with a worst actor nod.

"Hot Girls in Scary Places" Coming in March

It seems ridiculous that no one has thought of this before, but the good people at E! have taken the "frighten the crap out of people" reality TV show to the next level. Currently scheduled to air as a special on March 13th, "Hot Girls in Scary Places" will take 3 friends from the University of Southern California cheer squad and put them in an abandoned hospital for the night.

New Music and Missions Coming For GTA IV

Next Tuesday a new "Grand Theft Auto IV" update will be available exclusively on XBOX Live. Included will be the new storyline "Lost and Damned" which focuses on Liberty City's own biker gang as they rape and pillage. According to what I've read the new missions will add another 20 hours or so of gameplay. More importantly the expansion pack will also add a whole ass load of new music for your listening pleasure.

So I finally watched “Saw”

So it wasn’t until recently that I started watching horror movies frequently again. When I was a youngin I would spend just about every Friday night at home watching horror movies and not being able to sleep. Into my teens I would rent just about anything I could get my hands on, the weirder sounding the better. Then a little movie called “Scream” came out in 1996 and satirized the films I grew up loving. Sure it was great for the horror genre and it was sort of funny to see them play off of all the standard slasher stereotypes.

"Friday the 13th" Screenings This Weekend

I'm not one to pimp random links normally but this one is actually pretty cool. There will be free screenings of "Friday the 13th" this Saturday February 7th in NYC and Monday February 9th in LA. Details of how you can get a ticket can be found at Black Curtain Screenings myspace page. It also looks like the LA screening will feature "cast and celebrity special guests". Not sure if the NYC one will get the same fun but I'm sure it will be a good time.

"Chuck vs. the Third Dimension" in 3D!

If you picked up your 3D glasses at the local grocery store and watched the Super Bowl on Sunday you got to see both the preview of the new Dreamworks film “Monsters vs. Aliens” and a Sobe commercial where a bunch of football players in unitards danced around with lizards in 3D. If you hung onto those glasses you also got to watch a full 3D episode of Chuck on Monday night titled "Chuck vs. the Third Dimension". Clever name huh? Because it’s in 3D!

Where is my Horrorcore?

When I was a teenager in High School my rap music had to include one of two things, murder or pot. Sometimes those two magical worlds came together, like on Cypress Hills 1995 release of "Temple of Boom". Today you can still find plenty of rappers talking about pot, mostly because Cypress is still running around writing records about it. But for the most part, the genre of Horrorcore that made a young Joe feel like a bad ass riding around in his parents Minivan has disappeared.

The Unsung Icons of Horror

With all the Jason talk going on these days, it's had me thinking a lot about some of my other favorite horror icons. Freddy, Michael Myers and Leatherface are always lumped into these as well. Others like Pumkinhead and The Tall Man from "Phantasm" are big favorites of some of the readers I'm sure, but honestly there are too many to name. Jigsaw from the "Saw" movies would probably be the latest character to reach icon status in the horror genre but even that is probably debatable. What about all those lesser known icons out there?

Xbox Live Arcade The Maw

One of my favorite styles of games when I was a kid was the platform. This is the game type that Mario made king and eventually spawned such icons as Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot. On the Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64 took the platform game to the next level by putting the Mario into a 3D world. From there the flood gates opened to countless others that either copied or expanded on Mario’s domain. Some good, some not so good, some named Jak and Dexter that took away hours of my life.

"Friday the 13th", Please Don't Ruin Me

There's obviously been a lot of conversation on the upcoming release of the Friday the 13th reboot. I don't want to beat a dead horse here but I also think that I have a somewhat different view and hope for this movie. For most of us, the "Friday the 13th" series is something we all hold pretty close. For me personally along with "Nightmare on Elm Street" it's the Horror brand I grew up with. But to me by Nightmare 3 Freddy had turned into more of a comedic character where Jason has always stayed a big mean ass killing machine.

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