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First Official Images from "Curse of Chucky"!

What a Happy Friday! The sun is shining, the birds are singing (and probably crapping on my car), the work week is almost over, and we get brand new images from the upcoming 'Curse of Chucky', which will debut on DVD & Blu-Ray later this fall.

Gaming: Bioshock's Fan Made Movie "The Brother's Rapture"

If you're a gamer, no doubt you've at least heard of the absolutely kickass game "Bioshock" from 2K Games and its underwater, fallen utopia of madness, Rapture. You might even be playing the 3rd release in the series, Bioshock Infinite, right now (Well, not right NOW. Right now you're reading my blog, and quite frankly, that's more important than most anything.) Bioshock remains in most gamer's favorite games list because of its creepy, disturbing atmosphere and subject matter, highly interactive environment, engaging characters and replayability value. Don't be ashamed to admit you jumped the first time a Splicer came screaming out of the dark - or perhaps you needed some new underwear after your first experience with a Big Daddy. I think we all did.

Some fans can't get enough of Rapture, and the game only tells part of the tragic story. Before the underwater city of Rapture collapsed beneath itself and Splicers roamed its flooded halls, men and women thrived as they explored beyond the limits of their creative and scientific achievements. But who were they before their society crumbled around them? What was life like BEFORE the fall of Rapture? What went so wrong for its enlightened citizens? Was Rapture the paradise they had set out to create? Or Hell itself? Thanks to the imagination of some great fans, we get to glimpse at life as it may have been for a pair of new citizens, where opportunity & pursuits of happiness had no limits. Or so it seemed.

World War Z - The Next Big Movie Flop?

Most anyone who's read Max Brooks' 2006 apocalyptic novel "World War Z" has been excited since hearing that it's being adapted for the big screen. Despite a complete oversaturation of Zombies in the last few years (I'll still take that over sparkling Vampires), fans seemed relieved to hear the movie would stay pure as possible to the book, was supported by an all-star cast and a hefty Hollywood budget and would be produced by none-other than the movie's leading character, Brad Pitt. However one thing we all know is that any movie can fail - and if the rumors are true, World War Z might be a full on, 50 foot free-fall belly flop onto wet pavement.

According to the project's screenwriter, Damon Lindelof in the June Issue of Vanity Fair, the project has hit disastrous proportions, including being over-budget by 50 million, troubles with inexperienced director Marc Forester, last minute re-writes, and incoherent storylines. We're not just talking minor script changes either - it was realized after filming was finished, that the entire 40 minute ending was "abrupt and incoherent".

Trailers: Oh. EM. GEE. IT'S HATCHET 3!!

HI EVERYBODY! (This needs to be read in a Simpson-esque Dr. Nick voice. Otherwise, it just totally doesn't work). It is I, your Connoisseur of Crap, returning from yet another extended hiatus. No, this time, the guys didn't "forget" they had locked me in the basement; I've just been recovering from some surgeries. You don't really know "exhausted" until you're just too damn tired to watch horror movies and make sarcastic comments on the interwebs. Luckily for you, coinciding with my triumphant return is a return of another kind: Everyone's favorite misunderstood swamp-dwelling, hatchet-wielding, slightly deformed, yet oh-so-lovable maniac, Victor Crowley (who is again played by the towering Kane Hodder of Friday the 13th fame) is back for another gore soaked swamp-romp in HATCHET 3!

Poster: Uwe Boll's 'Zombie Massacre" - There is no Hope

A few days ago, Eric showed you the new trailer for Uwe Boll's latest supposed masterpiece,"Zombie Massacre", and I wouldn't be much of a Connoisseur of Crap if I didn't at least add to that. Besides, you're probably thinking what I am: "Oh joy. Another Zombie movie". We hate it when our objects of fear & horror become mainstream, but it makes sense Uwe Boll would do a zombie movie - Zombies are a hot item lately, with The Walking Dead bringing in some of the biggest audiences ever seen on a cable network, Zombie collectibles & video games becoming a part of pop culture, & even tongue-in-cheek advice on what to do during a zombie outbreak was published by the CDC. Zombies are obviously a money train to cash cow - so of COURSE Boll would jump on that band wagon.

Gaming: Simon Pegg supports a "Shaun of the Dead' L4D Mod!

Simon Pegg. His name has reached an almost God-like status in the Zombie-phile crowds; just whispering it makes chills go down your spine. He starred in some of the best & funniest films of this century, including a zombie flick called 'Shaun of the Dead' - you might have heard of it. It's become insanely popular, even though it's a British Film, and they spell 'Shawn' funny. I've seen 'Sean', but 'Shaun'? Come on.

The Walking Dead Season 2 - AVALIABLE NOW!

Just a quick blurb (yes, it's a word!) to let fans and those poor schlubs (Yes, it's a word!!) know that The Walking Dead SEASON TWO is now available to watch instantly on Netflix (Yes, it's a real company!)!!

In the second season of this grim and gripping zombie drama, Grimes and his cohorts continue to search for sanctuary in a ruined and dangerous landscape, hoping that in time, science will halt the epidemic.

Teaser Trailer: "Alone"

Most people are friends with us at BGH simply because we're so attractive, even the ugliest person looks good standing next to us. We can't help that. But we do call certain people our friends because of their amazing personalities and talent (like me, for example); one of those people being Rory, who's feature "Alone" is nearing completion.

Horror Gaming: "The Walking Dead" Episode 2 released this week

With all the news released from E3, it's been a good month for gaming, & it just got a little better: Episode 2 of the Walking Dead game is being released THIS WEEK!

The Walking Dead was initially a comic book, then cable channel AMC adapted the story for TV, where it became a massive hit for the network. The deep story telling found in the series translated well to gaming format, and was a nice breath of fresh air for gamers drowning in a sea of button-mashing zombie games.

Buy an Electric Car, or Die in the Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombies have had a surge in popularity lately. Maybe people have come to realize that the idea of a world apocalypse isn't that far fetched. Maybe they're just sick of all this sparkly vampire crap. Whatever the reason, they usually make things much, much cooler - and that includes electric cars.

Apparently, your doomsday preparations should involve purchasing a Volt (Chevy's new Electric/Gas hybrid that can go 375 miles when fully fueled & charged) because the zombie hoard will be on your ass when your standard gasoline powered vehicle runs out of fuel.

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