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The entire "Underworld" trilogy in 3 minutes, now they tell us...

We really could have used this during yesterday's Podcast recording, where we all tried to do our best to guess what the hell happened in the past three "Underworld" films. Oh well, you don't need context to understand Kate Beckinsale in skintight leather shooting things. Still, here it is:

The entire "Underworld" trilogy in under 3 minutes, via iO9

Snapshots: James Gunn's 'O' face

James Gunn just posted a bunch of behind the scenes stills from "Slither" to his Facebook, some never before seen. Including this one. This is a pretty good pictographic representation of what I imagine his personality is like.

Posters: "Prometheus" hints at ancient origins

I've been seeing this artwork on a giant standee at my local theater, and had hoped they'd bring it to a wide released poster. Looks like someone's been listening in on the voices in my head.

It suggests to me the ruins of an ancient society, which when you begin to mesh that with the "Alien" universe, has all sorts of interesting possibilities. "Prometheus", directed by Ridley Scott, lands June 8th of this year.

Kate Beckinsale's toosh wins the day, plus a preview of the week to come

Kate Beckinsale and her supernaturally perky bottom won the box office this weekend with $25,400,000. That's more than the opening of the last film in the series, and I would think enough to guarantee we see another one. I saw it today, and I'm okay with that. My full review will be up shortly.

Meanwhile, the entire BGH Podcast crew sits down tomorrow night for a roundtable discussion in Episode 194, look for that later in the week.

Trailers: "The Darkness, The Rage, The Fury" has awesomely melodromatic name

I prefer to read the title to "The Darkness, the Rage, The Fury" with an overwrought British accent in my head. Not sure why, just seems appropriate. It looks mega low-budget but the tease of the monster at the end has me sold. Now available at Amazon as a "7-day download" for $1.99. Hard to beat that if you're looking to give some indie horror a try.

Trailers: "Gingerclown 3D", WTF... I was promised Gingers...

Let's just say it, "Gingerclown 3D" is a fantastic name for a film. The cast also looks great, Lance Henriksen, Tim Curry, Michael Winslow... but then I watched the trailer, and there isn't a single "Ginger" in it. I can't help but assume they're using the South Park-ian definition, a pasty redhead with no soul. Otherwise, what the hell is a "Gingerclown"? I feel like I've been lied to here. The trailer's still fun, but I have to admit, if there's no gingers in it I make no promises about watching it. I am not to be trifled with.

DVD Covers: M-E-T-H-O-D Man stars in a terrible movie

Method Man has a pocket watch. Your argument is invalid. Bonus points go to the PR company for using the phrase "Urban Thriller". I appreciate when a company goes out of its way to let me know I shouldn't watch a movie. Helps with time management. (click to enlarge)

Trailers: "Redd Inc" is like "The Office" with more torture

"The Office" is probably my favorite show of all time, surpassing "Seinfeld" by virtue of feeling more modern and the fact that I recently discovered it's no longer cool to like "Seinfeld". Seriously, tell a 21 year old you love that show and watch his eyes gloss over. They don't get it, STUPID KIDS AND THEIR TAMAGACHIS...

What are we watching this weekend? Leather body suit edition

It occurred to me recently, that through nearly 5 years of doing our podcast, I've forced the crew to sit through every sequel of every crappy theatrical franchise known to man. We've seen every "Saw" movie", every "Resident Evil" sequel, mainly because well, our mission is to keep our fingers on the pulse of the genre, and you can't do that by only watching movies you loved from your childhood. Admittedly, there might be a little sadism involved as well, but that depends on who you ask ;)

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