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Posters: Halle Berry stars in zzzzzzz......

Is it time for someone to give Halle Berry an intervention? I'm sure Joe would volunteer, if they need help... (click to enhance)

Trailers: "Osombie", if Bin Laden were undead

Looks like I've found my next staff-pick for the podcast, unless Uwe Boll releases a new film first.

Snapshots: They're still making "Riddick" movies.

I've never seen a "Riddick" movie but I kind of love that they're still making them. This still comes from the latest, subtitled "Dead Man Stalking" (get it) which is currently in production with no release date yet. Seriously, Vin Diesel having a lot of time on his hands can't be good for anyone. Let us thank the heavens he has Riddick films to keep him busy.

Snapshots: "Excision" makes Sundance uncomfortable...

I have no knowledge on the subject but I'm declaring this a sequel to "Teeth". Come on, look at that still, what else could it be? Anyway, this just got picked up by Anchor Bay. So, "Teeth 2" coming to DVD soon...

The Oscars go cannibal...

I haven't watched "The Oscars" since I was born, but I do like the style of this latest ad. I will however continue not watching them, in case you were concerned.

Horror rules in this week's box office

"Chronicle" won this week's box office by raking in $21 million. Meanwhile, the remake of Hammer's "The Woman in Black", starring Danielle Radcliffe came in at #2 with $20 million. Those are estimates so they could always swap places by the time the hard numbers come in on Monday. Factor in that action/horror romp "The Grey" held strong at #3, and it was a pretty damn successful week for the genre. Sure, you could argue the legitimacy including "The Grey" as a horror film, but if you decide it doesn't count, I'm not going to be the one to tell Liam Neeson.

Trailers: Oren Peli's "The River", coming up quick

Oren Peli, the man who masterminded the "Paranormal Activity" series, debuts an ambitious new TV show this coming Tuesday night on ABC. Looks intriguing, the big question being how long can they keep the show on the rails given the gimmicky nature of the story. Thankfully I still have a few days left to find ABC on my TV. Can't remember the last show of theirs I actually watched.

Snapshots: ... Kibble and a nice chianti

So adorable... and menacing...

Posters: New "Silent House" poster giving me second thoughts

"Silent House", starring Elizabeth Olsen, is probably my most anticipated film of the year so far. Then they released this poster... I spend probably 50% of my time just trying NOT to make women cry. Now I'm going to pay to see a movie where this is the main selling point? I question the wisdom of their advertising department on this one... (click to enhance)

Poster/Trailer: ATM, is it ever okay?

Good question, but not why we're here today. We're here to check this trailer and poster for "ATM", currently making the festival rounds. Looks like it could be effective, if you're willing to buy the premise that wherever they're stopping to get food wouldn't take credit cards, necessitating a trip to an ATM in a massive, empty parking lot with no other stores around. Let's face it though, as horror fans, we make ignoring obvious flaws into an artform. It's a survival mechanism.

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