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It's official, Uwe Boll sues Billy Zane

It's official folks, the argument we've been having around here about whether or not Uwe Boll has actually embraced his ironic appeal is now over, as today's news is so ridiculous and not fake-able that he has officially proven himself every bit as insane as we had all postulated.

Uwe Boll is suing Billy Zane. Yes, bald headed, hot sistered, star of "Titanic" and many other films... Billy Zane.

From Hollywood Reporter:

You too can own the Hitler Barbie!

As I've covered over and over both here and on the podcast, I am not easily offended. I generally like to air on the side of offensive with everything I do in life, so it comes as even more of a surprise that a Ukranian company actually managed to come up with something that offends me.

Real Mario? More like real child molestor

I thought I would continue on Schnaars' video game theme today and post this picture.

That sound you hear? It's my childhood being gently bent over a table and ordered to "not say a word".

Jesus. Why do people do this shit to me?

Also, I can't help but think that this could be some sort of composite sketch of the creepy Argentinian Gnome from a few weeks back. Try that one on for size and let me know how well you sleep tonight.

We're AMC Monsterfest Site of the Week!

Hey folks, just stopping by here to make a great announcement that listeners of our Podcast heard on this week's episode.

This week, we have been named AMC Monsterfest's "Site of the Week"!

Lions Gate puts the "Meat" back in "Train", plus possible theatrical date!

News is flying around this afternoon that a theatrical release date for "Midnight Meat Train", the latest short story adapted from Clive Barker, is back on and scheduled for August 1st.

Also as you'll notice, they are debunking reports that they've changed the name to "Midnight Train". I can't wait to watch "The Daily Show" the week that movie comes out. The jokes almost write themselves.

I'll keep my eye on the story and report more on it in the news tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, check out the full pic that surfaced today by clicking on the thumbnail at the top of this post.

Prom Night Shot for "R" Rating?

From Bloody Disgusting:

New Podcast Number

Our old account got deleted for some reason, so here's our new number. 206-202-4667. When you call it goes straight to voicemail so you can leave a message for the podcast crew. We then play that message during our next episode.

If anyone has called us in the last month or so, we most likely did not get your message. I didn't want anyone thinking that we were ignoring them! So if you didn't hear your message on the show and still want it heard, please don't hesitate to call us back and leave it again.

Domestic violence is hilarious

So if you read the horror news this morning (friday the 11th) you no doubt saw that "Real News" story I linked to regarding Vanilla Ice being arrested for beating his wife.

Just when you thought this story couldn't be any more ridiculous (I mean, it already involves the Iceman) something like this happens.

I love how effortlessly she segues between talking about a pretty harsh domestic violence case into full on white girl rapping. That's what we in the business call "skillz".

The False Prophet ep of Tales From the Darkside

Since I live so close to where I work, and go home for lunch every day, I always end up catching random pieces of movies and old TV shows during the afternoons. Yesterday I saw the old 80's Tales from the Darkside episode titled "False Prophet", about a woman, a bus station, and a hilariously "futuristic" fortune telling machine.

It's "Sexy Dance" Time!

Oh the French, you and your shaky powers of translation. Apparently there was no French equivalent to "Step Up 2 Tha Streets". Of course, this title is also in English, which only serves to confuse the situation further.

The best part is, they couldn't have been more "on the nose" if they had tried. I can't wait for "Sexy Dance 3"!

(via Filmdrunk)

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