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A look at "Dead Set"

The following was sent to us by site regular and Jr. Correspondant BigWinters. Winters lives in the UK and this is a review of a miniseries that recently aired there called "Dead Set", which is basically a mix of zombie film and reality show. Enjoy.

With the start of Dead Set on October 27th the UK finally has a show that the rest of the world has to wait to watch. With Heroes a year behind the American show, and with shows like Dexter and Lost being hard to find it's quite refreshing for it to be the other way round for a chance. For me anyway.

What's Everyone Going As For Halloween?

(I don't condone dog Halloween costumes, but I may have to make an exception for this one)

I have lots of problems with Halloween costumes. For various and sundry reasons, I haven't had a good costume in about 4 years. Here are just a few...

- My friends suck and refuse to dress up. You can plan a costume party for months, and half of my asshole friends will show up without one complaining about money and time.

Vote For Prisoner Abel's Short Film

Reader and friend of the site Prisoner Abel currently has a short film, called "Apathy Breeds Contempt", up for voting in the NYC Horror Film fest's online competition.

Below is the trailer for the film. So if you want help support his work, visit the site here and vote for his film. All you have to do is sign up for the site and log in, and then vote away.

Here is the trailer, so show him a little BGH love and help him out with the competition!

Frenchie Thriller

It's getting close to Halloween and I'm a lazy blogger so, I figured it was high time for some Thriller videos up in this piece.

Here's a lipsync'ed version done by a bunch of community college students in France, that appears to have been shot in a single take. The fun, "can do" attitude conveyed by the piece kinda sorta made my day, so I'm going to go this whole post without saying "Frenchie Frogs"... oh wait, shit.

I've seen this video linked from a few places today but the caption to beat so far is from Videogum, who said: "If you don't crack a smile, you're weird".

Oh Snap, Amy Poehler's Moose rap

You know, there was a lot of funny stuff going on on SNL this weekend. You had Alec Baldwin talking to Sarah Palin backstage and repeatedly calling her "Tina". You even had Mark Wahlberg coming face to face with Andy Samberg, presumably talking about what it's like to have strangely similar last names. In fact, all the commotion garnered SNL the show's highest rating in over 13 years.

Spike 2008 Scream Awards

Hey guys, just a heads up that our partners over at Spike TV are holding their annual Scream Awards next week. The show is meant to celebrate all things genre related, and all awards are voted upon by the fans. Here's the official description of the event:

Elvira On Hulu!

So I'm just aimlessly clicking through Hulu today, looking for Halloween stuff, when I make a seriously awesome discovery. Elvira! And when I say Elvira, what I mean is "Elvira's Movie Macabre", her original horror movie hosting gig from the 80's. Here she hosts some truly awful B movies while cracking jokes that you never hear because you're too busy staring at her epic cleavage.

TFTDS: "Basher Malone"

As a continuation of my "Tales From the Darkside" post from the other day, I promised to check in from time to time with updates on the ep's that I was taping off of the Scifi channel.

Since then I've racked up a few favorites and deleted a few clunkers, but yesterday I ran across one that I just had to share.

It's Time to Have a Talk...

Unless today is your first time visiting our site, you're probably noticing the ad that now sits above each page. If you're a long time reader, you're also probably wondering what exactly is going on, and how this is going to affect Bloody Good Horror.

Devil's Advocate (no, not that one)

So as my Twitter followers know, I taped about 6 hours of the 80's anthology series "Tales From the Darkside" yesterday on the Scifi channel. I had a few free hours today, so I sat down to watch a couple of episodes.

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