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Trailers: "Columbus Circle" has it all...

"Columbus Circle" is doing its damnedest to win me over with it's dreamy ensemble cast. Giovanni Ribisi, Beau Bridges, Selma Blair, Amy Smart, Jason Lee, Jason Lee's mustache, one of the "Inglorious Basterds"... this movie's got it all really. The film goes DTV this March.

Trailers: "Devil Inside" director dares you to "Stay Alive"

If you were wondering what William Brent Bell was up to before actively trolling the horror world with his film "The Devil Inside" (full disclosure, I liked it), the answer is, to some people anyway, trolling horror fans... Here's the trailer for his previous directorial effort, "Stay Alive". And on a much more self-loathing level, I kind of liked that film too.

Trailers: "Silent House" stars chimeric Olsen Twin

It's that time of year when trailers for 2012's horror releases are starting to trickle into theaters. Caught this one this weekend while watching "The Devil Inside" (for the rest of that story, please visit www.clownpenis.fart). It's flown under my radar so far, and not only does it look like a bad-ass terror film (which I've been saying we need more of these days)... I'm guessing the technology they used to fuse the two Olsen Twins together to form a prettier, more talented actress is really going to change the world for the better. Just think of all the things we can combine!

Trailers: Okay, "Zombie Allegience", I'm listening...

I'm going to level with you, there's no way in hell I would ever be able to sit through this movie. That said, I do enjoy adorably sincere press releases.

Directed and produced by Tony Nunes, Zombie Allegiance stars Brandon Louis Aponte (Nun of That), Andre Boudreau (Atomic Brain Invasion), Carlos Brum (Splatter Disco), Sarah Nicklin (Beyond the Dunwich Horror, Nun of That), and Michael Reed (Nun of That) in a riveting and “scarily accurate metaphor* for our politically volatile times...

Wait, you mean to tell me almost the entire cast of "Nun of That" has reunited for this? Aw snap, sign me up! (trailer after the jump)

Goldberg Says Merry Christmas

I may be the only one on the podcast willing to admit my unabashed love for "Santa's Slay", but even if you're not in my camp, the first three minutes of the movie (video after the jump) are worth revisiting for a number of reasons. The most important being, "what type of sexual deviance did the director catch these actors in to blackmail them into doing this?..." I hope James Caan in particular had a long, hard look in the mirror after shooting this scene, but hey, his excruciating embarrassment is our Christmas-time horror delight.

Trailers: Paranormal Activity 3 Official Trailer!

As cynical as I am about this franchise, I've got to admit that "Paranormal Activity 2" was way better than it had any right to be. They've chosen to continue with the same story for this film, going with a prequel setting complete with "shot on VHS" footage. How retro. Can the third film continue the success of the first two?

Download and Listen: Eric on Outside The Cinema

Last month your Editor in Chief (that's me, dummies) made an appearance on the Outside the Cinema live show to discuss my top 10 horror movies of 2010. Also guesting was my buddy, Freddy from Night of the Living Podcast.

The live show has now been posted as an MP3, so you can check it out by subscribing to Outside the Cinema through iTunes. The episode in question is from January 6th, 2011. Dig it!

Eric live on Outsite The Cinema, This Sunday!

Hey guys, your fearless leader, Eric here. Just wanted to give you a heads up that this Sunday I'll be making a live appearance in studio with the Outside the Cinema crew on their year in review show! Myself and Freddy from Night of the Living Podcast will be appearing on the show to talk about our Top 10 Horror Films of the year.

Dante Tomaselli's Torture Chamber in Production

Got a note from friend of the site and kick-ass indie filmmaker Dante Tomaselli recently that his long gestating film, "Torture Chamber" has begun production. I've been following Tomaselli since around 2003, when his sophomore film "Horror" was getting ready to be released. If you're a fan of strange, violent, surrealist horror, Tomaselli is an indie voice you should be checking out. Here's the official press release, and you can check out some of his trailers below that.

Eric Live at Outside The Cinema!

I'll be sitting in live over at the Outside the Cinema Studio tonight. They're a great film/pop culture podcast that's also based out of Boston, so I'll actually be live on their show tonight. They stream a video feed of the show over Ustream, which you can watch by clicking play below at 6pm (EST) tonight. They usually turn the camera on at 5 for prepro, and you can chat with other viewers as well. Check it out!

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