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Snapshots: "Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan" - 1989

Not quite as scary as when Jason does it.

My Crappy Halloween Costume

The year was 1984; yours truly was a spry nine year old boy intent on living out my wildest fantasies on Halloween and become something I wasn't. Oh, and to collect copious amounts of candy of course, but that transformation into some kind of monster or hero was a driving factor ever year when the leaves turned yellow and the winds began to howl.

Snapshots: "Dark Fields" - 2009

When Dee Wallace says no, Dee Wallace means no.

Snapshots: Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

I used to be a fan, but this latest season of Dancing With the Stars is just getting weird.

My New Podcast: Welcome to 1951 Down Place!...

I've mentioned my love of Hammer flicks many times over on the Bloody Good Horror Podcast. I've never really gone in depth with this love affair on the air however. Seeing as I love to talk movies and books and such, why not bring in some friends to talk Hammer films? Luckily, I have two friends that love Hammer as much as I do, so I've joined forces with Derek, a.k.a.

Here Come The Mummies - "Pants"

Rocking out at work today, I stumbled upon Here Come The Mummies and their tune "Pants". When it's all said and done, it's a great song and the mummy suits are baller, so why not share? (if you're at work or in mixed company however, use headphones!)

A New Ebook from Casey: The Fat Man and his Dog

You know what they say...pimpin' ain't easy! But I'm going to pimp this spiffy new ebook short all the same!

This time around, we have a visit from "The Fat Man and his Dog" who once graced these very pages at Cinema Fromage! Originally run as a serial here back in 2007, the story has made it's rounds and still, somehow, remains a favorite of the few folks that actually read it!

Books: "The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch" by Joseph Delaney

My house is a reader’s house. We’re all into reading, including my daughter! (Who just asked for a Kindle for her birthday if that gives you an idea how big of a reader she is!) Here recently, she’s been locked into a book series that really grabbed a hold of her imagination; Joseph Delaney’s “The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch”. Every night throughout her first reading of the first book, she’s been coming out to tell us about the adventures of Tom Ward and the evil Mother Malkin but we really didn’t have any idea what she was talking about.

Two New E-Book Shorts from Casey

You know, Kraft has been selling their cheese by the slice for decades now, so why should Cinema Fromage be able to sell theirs by the slice as well? For a whopping $.99, you can now buy e-book copies of my short stories "Jack Boots for Jesus" that was originally published in the college literary magazine "The Jack" back in 2007, and "Deep Lies the Murky Floor" that appeared in last years "Dark: A Horror Anthology"!

2 Days Left to Vote BGH in the Rondo Awards!

As we've mentioned many times already, we here at Bloody Good Horror are honored to be nominated for our first Rondo Hatton Award for Best Horror Audio!

The time draws near for the polls to draw to a close! Be sure to head over to the official ballot for the 9th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards where you will find the full list of nominees, the voting rules and more!

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