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1951 Down Place Episode 6 gets racy with The Vampire Lovers

It's the end of the month, that means it's time for another dose of Hammer nerdery over at 1951 Down Place!

Nic Cage; pretty sure he's not a vampire.

For those of you wondering if Nic Cage was a vampire due to the pictures of his Civil War era lookalike, you can breathe easy now. The actor has publicly decreed that he's not a vampire. Well...sort of. He doesn't sound entirely sure.

This Simon Oakes interview proves that the new Hammer is swinging for the fences

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Hammer exec Simon Oakes talks briefly of what is in store for the new Hammer films. While there are no real details to speak of, it's pretty exciting to see that the studio has quite a few projects in the works.

Zombie fans, be sure to nominate your favorites for the 2011 Dead Letter Awards!

Long time friends of ours, BrotherD and Miss Bren over at the Mail Order Zombie Podcast have recently come back to us after their hiatus! Along with the return of their show, they're preparing for their annual Undead Award Show, the Dead Letter Awards!

This "Walking Dead" flip book is a great way to scare your kids

In case you weren't ware, Season 2 of "The Walking Dead" is getting ready to assault us once again on February 12th. (I know! I'm excited too!) To help start drawing attention to this fact, the fine folks over at put together this nifty interactive flip book showcasing the excellent zombie makeup work by KNFX.

1951 Down Place goes vampire hunting with "Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter"

It's been some time since I've mentioned it last, but you may remember that I have a third podcast with my friends Brother D and Need a Nickname Scott over at Mail Order Zombie. The show is called 1951 Down Place and it's dedicated to Hammer Horror! With the release of The Woman in Black coming from the newly re-birthed Hammer Studios this weekend, I figured it would be a good time to start sharing my love off Hammer with you all.

Thanks to Netflix Instant, I can't put off Supernatural any longer

For years now, every time somebody says to me, "Do you watch Supernatural? I bet you'd LOOOVE Supernatural!" I always have to do that awkward song and dance and say, "Nah, I don't watch it. I'd watch it if they ever put it on Instant Watch." Well, time to eat my foot, because that time is now!

A real life AK-47 to slay zombies with, and get drunk

Gun company DoubleStar whipped up this specially modified AK-47 for some good old zombie slaying. It comes complete with chainsaw, special scopes and a bottle opener for that zombie slayer that could use a beer mid fight.

Snapshots: The Emotions of Danny Trejo

I have no idea who is responsible for this, but whoever you are? Thanks for the chuckle!

Blood Splatter: A Guide to Cinematic Zombie Violence, Gore and Special Effects

Author Craig Chenery has released a new reference guide to zombie flicks with a special eye on their special effects and gore! With this sub-genre going super nova over the last few years, I'm positive Craig covers at least a few zombie flicks you haven't heard yet!

From the cover blurb:

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