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InConJunction 2008

Attention SciFi Geeks!

On July 4th weekend, Yours truly will be an 'Also Appearing' Guest (Meaning, I don't get paid) at the InConJunction SciFi con in Indianapolis, IN!

If you're an Indy resident or there abouts, I'll be there pimping for Bloody Good and Cinema Fromage while presenting a panel on Frankenstein: Karloff to DeNiro!

So check it out!

For more info,visit the InConJunction website!


Take on Me indeed.

I've seen this guy's vids before, but by god he's been practicing. And it shows.

(Fyi, this is close to what Eric heard on Sat. morning of Horror Hound weekend while I was taking a leak at 7am)

Midnight Muenster Episode 1

This week we look at two of the After Dark Film Fest's Movies to Die for, Nightmare Man starring Tiffany Shepis and Borderland starring Sean Astin! Also, a look back at gremlins with Cinema Fromage's newest Junior Correspondent!

Click here to check it out!

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  • Comics: Occult Crimes Taskforce

    When I say 'Rosario Dawson' most of you will associate actress, mega babe, 'Clerks 2', and the like. I'd risk a guess and say that few of you would associate the name with 'comic book creator'. It's true nerds; she's nerdly.

    'Occult Crimes Taskforce' is a four issue mini-series published by Image Comics in mid 2006. The story contained within tells of a special branch of the Manhattan Police Force put together to handle cases that are occult in origin, as the name suggests.

    The Saturday List

    In light of my Saturday spent spring cleaning and watching movies at random, I present my first List of what I'm sure will be many. Once you read the list, you'll get the idea!

    So, to kick it off:

    Top 5 movies to while away a Saturday while cleaning:

    1. High Fidelity
    2. Tommy Boy
    3. The Blue Brothers
    4. Animal House
    5. Die Hard (#1)

    There ya go folks, feel free to add your own lists below! Stay tuned for more lists as the occur to me at random!

    Midnight Muenster

    Do you love you some Podcasts? You must, you're still here right?

    Well lucky you, starting this Sunday I'll be bringing you some more podcast love!

    Midnight Muenster will be a weekly podcast starring Myself and my wife Colleen dedicated to direct to video horror features, independent horror features, cult flicks, obscure, and classics.

    Look for full episodes every Sunday Night, with updates here on Cinema!

    Coming Soon:

    Coming soon from Night of the Living Podcast Productions, an endearing tale of love, murder, and conspiracy...

    A Man and his Spider

    Horror Hound March 08 is put to bed.

    *Queue cheesy music montage to the tune of 'Till We Meet Again'

    The March 08 edition of Horror Hound Weekend has come and went, and a great time was had be all. (We think. We're all still a bit fuzzy.) The one thing we know for sure however is that the Bloody Good Horror crew were there in full force and in full on attack mode.

    We saw some movies, met some celebrities, murdered some beers, and partied with old drunken fat women. Cuz' that's just how we roll.

    Horrorhound So Far....

    Friday night Horror Hound is DONE!

    What's happened so far?

    - We smuggled beer into the Marriot. Fun stuff.
    -Night of the Living Podcast Mark Eric and Myself have all guested with the gang at NotLP! Hotel Room party is kicking off as we speak!
    -Lots and lots of Thigh Highs
    -Linnea Quigley thought I was trying to steal her purse.
    -Schnaars is missing. He better hurry up, we're about out of beer!

    Cause that's how I roll.

    I get to sleep with that dude this weekend, just so you all know.

    Don't be jealous.

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