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Garth Ennis - "The Boys"

Tired of the men in tights run of superhero fare crowding out the comic racks lately? No worries, they've lost their luster for me too. With this in mind, when I stumbled across Garth Ennis's ongoing book, "The Boys", I found myself quite happy indeed.

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Scare Tactics Season 3

Last night saw the relaunch of SciFi Channel's "Scare Tactics". Ditching the old host, Shannon Doherty, they're now back with non other than Tracy Morgan!

The basic formula has not changed at all: People submit their friends to a cruel joke, Tracy Morgan makes quips between skits. Pretty basic. As "Candid Camera" has proved in the past though, messing with people can some times be quite a bit of fun to watch. "Scare Tactics" season 3 is no exception!

Warren Ellis - Crècy

In 1346 near the town of Crècy France, the English attacked with 16,000 men. The French retaliated with 80,000 men. The English won.

Warren Ellis, creator of such counter culture classics as "Transmetropolitan" as well as Super Hero books as well gives us the one-shot Graphic Novel from Avatar Press, "Crècy". Teaming up with artist Raulo Càceres, Ellis us tells the gritty details of the battle from the perspective of a lowly peasant turned longbowman.

The Day the Earth Stood Still Teaser Trailer

This weekend saw the release of the latest in the long line of 'OH MY GOD Why are they remaking that???!?' chain of remakes, The Day the Earth Stood Still" starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelley.

Midnight Muenster Episode 7

It's time again for my Podcast side project, Midnight Muenster!

This week's Midnight Muenster features myself and my wife, Colleen, as we venture back to the Early 80's as we take a look at two obscure flicks that most know little or nothing about, for good reason! First up is 1980's "A Night to Dismemeber" followed by Louise Fletcher in "Mama Dracula"!

Remember, give us a review on Itunes as well as here on Podomatic!

Click on through to download!

Pogo - Alice

Want to know what happens with a little bit of talent, some computer software a whole lot of time on your hands? You get the internet artist calling himself 'Pogo' (I think. He may or may not call himself Faggotron too) who's made an electronic song and video, using nothing but sounds from Disney's "Alice in Wonderland".

You like it? He's got more at

And while you're over at, want a friend? Hit me up

Hancock Mini Review

Last night I found myself in attendance for a pre-screening for Will Smith's latest flick, "Hancock". As I head into this mini write up, I want to make a point; I went into "Hancock" with little to no prior knowledge or expectations. The trailers have been floating about out there for awhile, I've watched them once or twice, but honestly I never paid much attention.

Diablo III Announced

If you listened closely on Saturday morning you would have heard the sounds of millions of nerds the world over nerd-gasming at once.

Saturday 6/28 Blizzard announced the third title in the Diablo franchise, Diablo III!


Most of us love comic books. Who doesn't love FREE comic books?

Warren Ellis, scribe of many comic classics such as "Transmetropolitan" and "Planetary" joins forces with Avatar Press and artist Paul Duffield to bring us this weekly updated free comic in the post apocalyptic land of future London's Whitechapel district.

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