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Robert Kirkman on iFanboy

Robert Kirkman is the author of the excellent zombie comic "The Walking Dead" among others for Image Comics.
Recently made a full partner for Image, Kirkman is a fairly young driving force behind the market today.

Superhero Fashion Emergency

A little something to send you off on your weekend...

Does this look gay?

Midnight Muenster 9

It's time for my side project podcast once again!


This week we tackle the long talked about sequel to 1987's "Lost Boys", "Lost Boys: The Tribe"! Also, we review the Indie horror flick "Shadows Light"!

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WWE teams with Freddie Prinze Jr

Per this report at


In a move that can only be described as downright strange, the WWE has hired actor Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Scooby-Doo, I Know What You Did Last Summer) as a new member of its creative team.


Midnight Muenster Episode 8

It's time again for a new episode of my podcast side project, Midnight Muenster!

We hit Episode 8 with a big show, and a big theme! It's summertime, and in honor of my own time as a camp councelor this week we tackle 3 camp classics! 1987's Cheerleader Camp, 1988's Sleepaway Camp 2, and 1989's Sleepaway Camp 3!

We now have Midnight Muenster forums at! Be sure to check them out!

You can also give us your feedback via email at or by phone at 206-339-9459! We want to hear from you!

Christian Bale Arrested

The reports:

"The actor Christian Bale, 34, was arrested on Sunday night after his mother and sister reported him to police for an alleged assault.

His mother Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 40, are said to have gone to a police station in Hampshire to make the claim, which was subsequently referred to the Metropolitan police.

Joe Hill - "Locke & Key"

Horror comics often get over looked in the paper back world, but every now and then one rolls along that demands attention. For "Locke & Key" some of this comes with the author’s pedigree; Joe Hill is the son of novelists Stephen King and Tabitha King. Big shoes to live up to indeed. Having turned in one novel with 2008's "Heart Shaped Box", he's proved he has some horror chops.

Garth Ennis - "The Boys"

Tired of the men in tights run of superhero fare crowding out the comic racks lately? No worries, they've lost their luster for me too. With this in mind, when I stumbled across Garth Ennis's ongoing book, "The Boys", I found myself quite happy indeed.

US Parents Outsource Childcare

Scare Tactics Season 3

Last night saw the relaunch of SciFi Channel's "Scare Tactics". Ditching the old host, Shannon Doherty, they're now back with non other than Tracy Morgan!

The basic formula has not changed at all: People submit their friends to a cruel joke, Tracy Morgan makes quips between skits. Pretty basic. As "Candid Camera" has proved in the past though, messing with people can some times be quite a bit of fun to watch. "Scare Tactics" season 3 is no exception!

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