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"A Fine Line" at Sonar 4 Ezine

While I've been quiet as of late, I haven't been totally slacking off! (Just mostly.)

This week sees the publication of another of my short stories, A Fine Line over at Sonar 4 Ezine! "A Fine Line" is my take on the super hero. Check it out, let me know what you think!

Scene It: Box Office Smash

There's no denying it. I'm a nerd. A pretty big one really. Be it movies, video games, gadgets and the like, I'm one pocket protector away from starring in my own college comedy.

This past week, my nerdliness was augmented by the addition of a new XBox 360 game, "Scene It: Box Office Smash", and let me tell you...the effects of said game were much like locking a fat kid in a bakery; I found my own little personal mecca.

Rumor: LE Red Xbox 360 - Res Evil 5 Bundle?

Back at the end of January, ArsTechnica's Ben Kuchera posted a rumor of a limited edition RE 5 bundle. Included would be:

Resident Evil 5 bundle

Red hardware
Red controller
A copy of Resident Evil 5
Exclusive Resident Evil 5 NXE theme
Download coupon for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD

Sony's Latest Electronic Release

The Netflix Instant Watch Tracker

With the advent of Netflix and their 'Instant Watch' setup, their streaming video has set the internets on fire! Combine this fact with the recent capabilities to stream your Netflix Instant Watch queue to your Xbox 360 or the Roku Roku Digital Video box, the service is in even more demand.

Resident Evil 5 Demo Released on Xbox Live

The demo for the latest installment of the Resident Evil series is now available on XBox Live!

Promising more of the changed mechanics from "Res Evil 4", the fifth installment has more infected, bigger baddies, and general overall polish and creepiness. It also appears to have two player co-op play via both local and XBox Live!

"Resident Evil 5" ships on 3/13/09, so whet your appetite while you can.

F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin Demo released

The sequel to the PC and XBOX horror tinged FPS hit "F.E.A.R." hits shelves this month. But, luckily for us the demo has gone live today! For those of you on Xbox, you can remotely add the download to your queue from here, and you fans of PC flavored bang bang can grab yours from here!

For those of you not keen to the franchise, the plot of F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin ripped straight from the demo site:

Kameo: Elements of Power

I'm a bit of what you would call an old school gamer, as far back as the days of Atari and Colecovision. This continued on throughout the years through the Dreamcast and PS2, as well as the PC. I tried for a few years to ride the World of Warcraft crack pipe as well as others, but over time I got tired of playing the upgrade game and said the hell with it. This dry spell lasted for a few years until this past Christmas with the arrival of my Xbox 360.

XBox 360 - Left 4 Dead

With Christmas time comes presents, and thanks to my dear mum, I got an XBOX 360! Being the lifelong nerdling that I am, this was a welcome gift met with much excitement and glee. With a new game system however comes a need for new games, and what better way to get my feet with with a zombie slaying simulator such as Left 4 Dead from Valve software!

13: Fear is Real

The CW and Sam Raimi join forces to jump in to the reality ring with 13 Fear is Real. The show airs on Wednesday nights at 8pm on the CW.

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