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The Bloody Good Horror Podcast Episode 300 - Get your questions in now!

It's only taken us seven years, but your favorite horror podcast, (I'm just making assumptions here) is getting ready for its 300th episode! We've got a special episode in the works for you all and to quote the great Jim Ross, it's going to be a "Slobberknocker"!

Notable Quotables from Britt Bellgardt

BGH Super Fan Britt Bellgardt (Not Brill, for the record) has recently started making our day over on Twitter. Much to our surprise, she's found us quotable and started putting together her favorites with some great images from the movie of the week! She's started hitting us with these after every episode, and well...we love them, so wanted to share!

What's New on Instant Watch - Beef Caaaaake

Some days are diamonds, some days are gold. Some days, Netflix just doesn't add a whole lot to their catalog in a given week. That's not to say that this week in Instant Watch is a complete bust though! No, there's a nugget or two of entertainment for the hardened cinemaphile and post-bar netflix watcher!

Pain & Gain

What's New on Instant Watch

Hey there boys and girls, it's Friday, which means we're upon the weekend! That means it's time to stay up late, drink beer and watch movies! Or if you're stuck working, it's time to slack off when your boss isn't watching and watch some movies. Go ahead, I won't tell if you don't.

New on Instant Watch 4/11 - 4/18

Hey there ladies and gents! You might remember me as "That guy that used to write at Bloody Good Horror a lot", then again, you might not! I don't write metal reviews, so hard to squeeze into the ranks here, am i right? I kid, I kid because I love. While the writing has slowed down over the past few years, I apparently still love the sound of my own voice, so the podcasting has still been going hot and heavy.

Van Helsing II coming to PC April 17th

Best of 2013 - Casey's Take

Top 10

10. John Dies at the End
Again, being caught up simply in the story, “John Dies at the End” stands out for simply going against the grain. The story is nonsensical times, but it has a definite destination and it gets us there. It just has a lot of fun on the ride there. Formulas are easy, so it’s nice to see a film that throws said formula to the way side.

The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Reveal This Tuesday!

Many gamers were enthralled last year when Telltale games unleashed their emotional episodic Walking Dead game on the masses. We were all caught up with the weight of our decisions affecting the lives of fellow survivors and who didn't worry a little bit about protecting Clementine from the undead hordes when they went to sleep at night? Telltale teased us a bit with their '400 Days' expansion a few months back, but now it's time to reveal the new season!

Everybody Rocks at Spooooky School!

It's October, that means it's time to to party! Parties need music! October requires spooky music, so let's head to Spooooky School!

I enjoy the heck out of Spotify, primarily for it's play list function. This week, I've put together a collection of tunes that lean heavily towards the land of psychobilly to give you some tunes for your pumpkin ale swilling dance parties. They're toe tappin' and bass slappin'! So put on your finest pomade and poodle skirts, it's time for the Spooky School Prom!

With us for this Spooky School Dance:

Tiger Army!

Bloody Good Horror: The T-Shirt

It's the beginning of October, which means it's time to celebrate! Let's face it; if you're a fan of the Bloody Good Horror Podcast and a regular here at the site, you've been waiting for this month all year. You have your candy already bought, your costume is reaching the final stages and your DVD's are all dusted off and lined up for your 31 day movie marathon. There's one thing you're missing though.

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