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"666 Park Ave" Episode 1: Pilot recap!

Fresh off the heels of thriving horror series' like "American Horror Story" and "The Walking Dead", ABC brings us "666 Park Ave", which debuted Sunday night at 10pm and is off to a promising start. The opening scene packs quite a punch and gives us a peak at just what this old apartment building and it's owner, Gavin, will have in store for us this season. Lets take a look at what the pilot episode gave us shall we? There are slight spoilers ahead, but I'll try to stay away from the major stuff.

The key players:

"Paranormal Activity" Timeline Fits the Puzzle Pieces Together

With the upcoming release of the fourth installment of the "Paranormal Activity" franchise heading our way, many of us are wondering just what the series has left to give us. Other than a few teaser trailers, most of the plot details have remained unknown other than the fact that we know PA4 takes place five years after the original movie and focuses around Katie's neighbors.

Retro Clip: "Creepshow" (1982)

Every fall, I dig out some of my favorite horror movies that only feel right to watch around the Halloween season. If you've been following my blog, you know that I absolutely love, love, love, horror anthologies. One of my favorites, that comes out of my Halloween Horror Arsenal every year is the 1982 horror fan favorite "Creepshow." With the tagline: "the most fun you'll ever have being scared," how can you go wrong?!

Trailer: "Big Top Evil" (2012)

Creepy clowns have always been at the top of my horror movie guilty pleasures list. The trailer for the trailer for the upcoming "Big Top Evil" is chock full of creepy clown goodness and I'm definitely looking forward to checking this out. The film, directed by Sean Haitz and Chris Potter, is described as an indie circus thriller with a bit of dark comedy mixed in. It was filmed on a 20,000 dollar budget in the famous circus town of Sarasota and even includes famous circus acts from the Ringling Brothers and high wire act, Alex Wallenda. Check out the official synopsis:

Snapshot: "American Horror Story: Asylum"

"American Horror Story" has been bombarding us with a series of sometimes creepy, sometimes corny teaser trailers for the past few weeks to promote the second season, subtitled "Asylum." Now, FX has finally released the first publicity stills of the upcoming season. Evan Peters (pictured above, center), who played Tate in season 1, is returning for the second season as Kit, a patient at the asylum. The new season be set during the 1960's and will feature aliens, a Nazi doctor, some mutants and a serial killer by the name of Bloody Face.

Snapshot: "Maniac" (2012)

Elijah Wood will be starring in the remake of the 1980 cult classic "Maniac" as Frank, the serial killer and owner of a mannequin store whose life changes when he meets Anna, a young artist who needs his help with a new exhibition. As their friendship turns into obsession, it becomes clear that Anna is about to unleash her own compulsion to stalk and kill. Produced and written by Alexandre Aja and Gregory Levasseue and directed by Franck Khalfoun, "Maniac" is set for distribution through IFC Midnight later this year.

Snapshot: Chloe Moretz as "Carrie"

The first images of the "Carrie" remake are hitting the web and I must admit, I'm starting to get excited for this. Chloe Moretz is stepping into the iconic role of the telekinetic teenager in the upcoming remake of the 1976 classic and she's definitely pulling off the drenched in pig's blood look. The remake, which will be directed by "Boys Don't Cry" director Kimberly Peirce, is described as a modernized, more character driven adaptation of the Stephen King novel.

Retro Trailer: "The Initiation" (1984)

Daphne Zuniga (of Melrose Place fame) stars as Kelly Fairchild, a college co-ed who is currently pledging a sorority at her local college. The annual initiation prank requires Kelly and 3 other pledges to break into the local mall after hours to steal the security guard's uniform. As the Slasher God's would have it, a killer is on the loose! Mix in scenes from Kelly's recurring childhood nightmare, a mental asylum and a student/professor relationship and you get the perfect recipe for a slightly better than average slasher flick.

"Dexter" Music Video Released

Yep, you heard me. Showtime is pretty clear on the fact that "Dexter" is one of it's biggest hits, and they are promoting the crap out of the upcoming season. They've just released a new "Dexter" music video from Rolfe Kent titled "Tonight's the Night - The Ice Trucker's Remix." Now I don't know anything about techno music so I don't know if the beats are actually good or not, but the imagery is pretty trippy and fun, so there's that. Check it out. Go wild. Have a dance party in your cubicle.

Retro VHS Cover: "Ghoulies" (1985)

Walking through the horror movie aisles in the local video rental shop, "Ghoulies" was one of the VHS covers that always stuck out to me. Clearly, based on the cover art, the movie was going to be chock full of little green suspender wearing monsters who lurk in toilets and tear apart unsuspecting people who had to go to the bathroom. The cover terrified me. Unfortunately, by the time I was finally able to wear down my parents into letting me rent the movie, I realized the movie wasn't much more than a "Gremlins" knockoff, with a few chuckles in it.

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