New Trailer for "Suck"

Did "Twilight" and its mopey tween vampires not quite get your blood pumping? Need some more cred when it comes to your fangs and creatures of the night? Then take a look at the new trailer for "Suck", a vampire spoof.

In the film, Malcolm McDowell (“Lost,” A Clockwork Orange, etc.) plays Eddie Van Helsing, a modern day version of Bram Stoker’s infamous Dracula hunter, who is trying to track down vampire rock band The Winners. Kinda reminds me of a certain Aaliyah-starring flick.

Iggy Pop plays Victor, a record producer who calls out The Winners for selling out with their vampire schtick, while Henry Rollins doesn’t go too far out of his comfort zone, starring as radio show host Rockin’ Roger. Based on the trailer (seen below), Moby really dug in deep as a kind of scrawny version of Rob Halford dubbed Beef Bellows, the lead singer of rival band The Secretaries of Steak.

While the trailer here did nothing on its own to win me over, I will say it has a hell of a cast and has a few chuckle worthy moments. Granted the funniest is Henry Rollins in a mullet, but there were a few others as well! "Suck" debuts at the Toronto Film Festival next month.

Here's hoping they go light on the guyliner and sparkles.

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