Streaming Horror For Halloween

I love Halloween. Love it. Although I haven't been able to properly celebrate this creepy little holiday in several years, it still holds a special place in the deepest, darkest chamber of my inky black heart. Besides, it's a great excuse to sit around, stuff your face full of high-calorie candy, and watch an endless stream of genre-related motion pictures.

Did I say stream? How excruciatingly apropos. Magnet Releasing, who was kind enough to bring "Let the Right One In," as well as the deliriously enjoyable horror/comedy "Severance," to the US, is streaming an ungodly amount of quality genre work via VOD, Amazon, and Xbox Live between now and the New Year. Consider this a great opportunity to catch up on a few of the smaller titles you may have missed.

In addition to the aforementioned titles, you can also check out "Murder Party" -- which is a personal favorite of mine -- as well as "Shrooms," "The Signal," "Shuttle," and "Sick Nurses." With the exception of "Shrooms," all of them are worthy of personal investigation.

For more information, check out Magnet Releasing's official website.

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