Dexter Season 3

In addition to my weekly "Terminator" blogs, I plan on adding some "Dexter" to the weekly blog roll as well!

If you don't know, "Dexter" Season 3 kicks off in two weeks on September 28th! For those keeping along, it's a very exciting jumping off point from the previous season finale that left fans reeling in it's awesomeness!

Be sure to check back here and jump in on the discussions every Monday morning!

In case you live in a cave and haven't seen the recent onslaught of promotions, Dexter airs Sunday nights on Showtime at 10pm. While the commercials have been taking over the airwaves and internet like a cancer, this is one instance I don't really mind. Dexter's just that good!

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This week we discuss alchemy, camera technology, a first time guest host joins the show, and we review "As Above, So Below".  


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