"Dark: A Horror Anthology"

Consider this an official announcement of sorts; yours truly is hitting the book shelves with the upcoming anthology, "Dark: A Horror Anthology".

That slick book cover you see above is drawn by none other than Steve Wands and is edited by Bryan Wolford, friend of Bloody Good Horror and to some, my long lost brother.

There is no street date as of yet but you can be sure I'll let you know! Contained within will be my original short titled "Deep Lies the Murky Floor" and I'll be joined by a host of other top notch scare fiends as well. Some of them you might even recognize from the podcasting world such as BrotherD from Mail Order Zombie!

Check out the official website for "Dark: A Horror Anthology" for news and updates and to see who will be joining me under the covers!

Er...that didn't come out right.

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