"Transylmania", It's A Vampire Comedy!

A lot of times when I’m looking for a movie at the local video shop I see these straight to video comedies about a college at sea or some other ridiculous idea. The main focus of these seem to be a bunch of college kids getting drunk and screwing. They usually sound like a fun time to me and if I could only find a reasonable excuse to tell my wife as to why I brought something like that home I’d probably rent them.

Well the people behind “Transylmania” have finally given me an excuse. Take the same theme and toss in a few vampires. Thanks guys!

The movie is pretty much a spoof of a bunch of other vampire movies. A bunch of kids spend a semester abroad in Romania. Will the movie be good? Probably not. Will I still see it? Most likely. In any case “Transylmania” will be released on November 5th and we can all enjoy.

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