1951 Down Place Episode 12 "Twins of Evil"

It's the end of the month, that means it's time for an all new 1951 Down Place!

This is a good one! In this episode, we're digging into the film that is #5 on my top 5, labeled as one of Derek's favorite Cushing roles AND... the first film to have CHANGED Scott's top 5! That's right...."Twins of Evil"! *insert dramatic Hammer fanfare here*

This one's a classic. The movie that is. This episode's pretty darn good, but classic's getting a little ahead of ourselves!

Head on over to 1951downplace.com and give it a listen. While you're there, feel free to shoot us an voicemail using the handy dandy little app on the right of the page, shoot us an email at podcast@1951downplace.com or even give us a call at 765-203-1951 with any questions, comments, or derogatory votes directed towards Derek!

And while we're here, I'm going to drop this little nugget in... you'll notice this is Episode #12. You'll notice that we put out one episode a month. Neither Derek, Scott or I put this together while recording this episode...but 1951 Down Place is now one year old!

Any who, enough of me rambling, check out a good hour and half of me... rambling. But with focus. Well, kind of in focus, more like 'double vision'. It's a Twins joke, get it?

Get it?


Click here to Listen to 1951 Down Place Episode 12: Twins of Evil!

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