Diablo III Announced

If you listened closely on Saturday morning you would have heard the sounds of millions of nerds the world over nerd-gasming at once.

Saturday 6/28 Blizzard announced the third title in the Diablo franchise, Diablo III!

Old and new, PC and Mac, most any gamer across the spectrum is familiar with the point and click monstrosity that is Diablo. Zombies, giant spiders, skeletons, demons, and most importantly PHAT LEWT are all combined with a deep story, lush backgrounds, and hypnotic background music! (Honestly, who hasn't sat down to play Diablo for 20 minutes to soon find out it's 2am? There's subliminal messages in that music I tells ya!)

There's tons of info out there for this future (9/2009) release including many game play screen shots and videos! Early signs point towards me kissing my wife and kid good bye for a good week or two late next year. This shit's worse than a crack habit.

Check out 1up.com for more info!

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