Someone put out MEGUNICA already!

I promised to post a follow up to Shelton's post about MUTO almost a month ago and I finally got around to it.

After months and months of post production, Meguinca is being shopped around to festivals and studios to be released upon the world. Essentially, it documents Blu's travels around Latin America (Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Argentina) to paint murals, and perhaps more importantly, meet people and gain perspective on their lives. I've been following the film's progress for almost a year now and I honestly get more and more excited the more I hear about it. Besides the fact that I'm a sucker for documentary films, I really think Blu's animated touches over the film (as seen in the trailer above) will really take it beyond just a typical street art doc and make it something really special. If you know people, send them a letter! I must see this goddamn film right away!

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