BGH Classic Pack - So Bad It's Good

In a perfect world, we would never watch a film for the podcast that wasn't a fan favorite or cult classic. Unfortunately for us, that is not a feasible outcome. But luckily for you, dear listener, the absolute worst films often make for pure podcast gold.

In this new classic pack -- So Bad It's Good -- we explore five true bottom-of-the-barrel films. Each a laugher of a different stripe, but producing laughers on the podcast that are very predictable.

Episodes included in this pack:
#41 - "Postal"
#56 - "The Mother of Tears"
#84 - "Shriek of the Mutilated"
#119 - "Survival of the Dead"
#148 - "Season of the Witch"

Enjoy the pain, check out the classic pack. And if you're looking for more where this came from, check out our other classic pack options.

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