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* The Smashing Pumpkins (which has become the epithet for Billy Corgan himself,) is soliciting fan-submitted art that evokes images pertaining to their new album "Oceania." Fans can tag and submit their art based on the album's 13 song titles through any number of social network and photo-sharing websites. For details on how and where to submit, we well as guidelines for the submissions themselves, check it out here. "Oceania" drops June 19th.

* Black Light Burns, the musical sideshow featuring Wes Borland, has released the cover art and tracklist for the forthcoming effort, "The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall." Borland says the album took him three years to write, and given his track record with "Big Dumb Face," everyone is curious to see what this turns out to be. You can scope out a sneak preview of the album through the track "Scream Hallelujah" available on Noisecreep

* Tune into The Discovery Channel's new series "The Devil's Ride" tonight to hear some new cuts from Attika 7. The show aims to highlight motorcycle clubs and lifestyle, while the band is promoting a new album "Blood of My Enemies," which you can preview here. "Blood of My Enemies" is available July 31st.

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