Tropic Thunder (Black Robert Downey Jr. is My Hero)

After seeing "Iron Man" a few weeks back, this has officially become my "summer of the Robert Downey Jr. man-crush". So you can imagine my excitement when I first saw the trailer for "Tropic Thunder".

The film centers on three movie stars, played by Downey, Ben Stiller and Jack Black, who are filming a war movie in Vietnam when things go hilariously (and offensively) awry, turning the shoot into a life and death situation. Oh, and did I mention that Downey has had surgery to make himself black so he can play the grizzled black Commander? Well, now I have.

The crew seems split down the middle on this one, but I have to say that I am extremely excited for it. And in case you aren't, check out the red-band trailer below, filled with more cussing, baby throwing and a few really gory bits thrown in to boot. Can't beat that!

(Ed Note: Is that really Robert Downey Jr.? Or did they hire a black guy to play him playing a black guy? Jesus!)

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