The Force in the Flesh

I'm an unabashed fan of many nerdy things, including "Star Wars". The thing is, there's always been a line I won't cross. Thankfully for us internet rubberneckers, there are plenty out there that will!

Hence the new book, The Force in the Flesh Star Wars Inspired Body Art by Shane Turgeon.

I don't sport any tat's myself, but that's not to say I'm not a fan or have anything against them. So it's always fascinating to partake in other people's fandoms, a fandom that has taken such a spot in their lives that they've chose to commemorate it in their flesh for eternity.

Check out the Top 10 Craziest Star Wars Tattoos directly from the pages of "The Force In the Flesh" (Note: NSFW Princess Leia in this link)

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