A New Ebook from Casey: The Fat Man and his Dog

You know what they say...pimpin' ain't easy! But I'm going to pimp this spiffy new ebook short all the same!

This time around, we have a visit from "The Fat Man and his Dog" who once graced these very pages at Cinema Fromage! Originally run as a serial here back in 2007, the story has made it's rounds and still, somehow, remains a favorite of the few folks that actually read it!

Available for just $.99, "The Fat Man and his Dog" is ready to go in a hearty Kindle flavor on Amazon.com and will soon be available for Nook, iPad and any other e-reader that you can imagine through Smashwords.com.

Get it while it's hot! (And Fat, cause the Fat Man? He ain't so fat any more.)

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