BGH Classic Pack - It Might Get Weird

Horror films are about pushing boundaries. And when you're all alone, watching along in the dark, you only have to tolerate what you're comfortable with. But sometimes, in the service of the podcast, the crew might push its own boundaries, and that's where things can get weird. "American Mary" was a recent example, but definitely not the only one.

In this new classic pack we dish on five movies that have some fun themes. From performers in a freakshow to teenage necrophilia to disembodied privates, each of these movies takes us to a dark or different place. And that's when the podcast discussion gets a little weird.

Included in this classic pack are:

Episode 51 - "Freaks"
Episode 101 - "Thirst"
Episode 116 - "Deadgirl"
Episode 124 - "Bad Biology"
Episode 182 - "The Woman"

We took one for the team on some of these -- honestly, we didn't really mind -- but now's your chance to hear how awkward things get when we have to talk about mean stuff happening to people's no-no areas.

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