The World Super Hero Registry

Slow news has brought to light a news story out of Cincinnati concerning a masked super hero stalking the streets! His name is The Shadowhare and he's hellbent on making Cinci safe once again. Cause you know... it was so rough before.

What you may not know however, is that the Shadowhare is not alone. Thanks to my handy internet sleuthing skills (and the fact that they mention it in the above news video) we have access to: The World Super Hero Registry!

Here we find a listing of all the real life super heroes that are stalking the streets all over the country. Packed with vital details of each hero, you can dig through to find out if your own town has a vigilante to call their own.

Some of the highlights include such might heroes as:

Angle Grinder Man!

As well as the one destined to be Mark's favorite:

Super Barrio!

Whether you're in need of some help or a good laugh, be sure to check out The World Super Hero Registry to find a hero near you!

And from a quick glace, apparently none of their super powers include 'web design'.

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